Jane Elizabeth Novis, Personal Life and Net Worth

Jane Elizabeth Novis is a famous photographer from America, who is in her old age right now. Though she has been quite successful in her profession, she is best known for being the mother of American actress, Helen Hunt.

Today, let us tell you everything in detail about Jane Elizabeth Novis like her early life, family, siblings, education, profession, love life, children, age, earnings, net worth, and other such details.

Personal life

Jane Elizabeth Novis was born on 19 April 1938 in Los Angeles, California, United States to Edward Norman Novis and Dorothy Jane Anderson. This is all the information available about the early life of Jane Elizabeth Novis.

If we talk about her love life, Jane Elizabeth Novis found the love of her life at a very early age. She got married to George Albert Morrison in April 1955 when she was only 17 years old.

How their married life is, not exactly known to the public but we hope that Jane Elizabeth Novis has a successful married life because there is no information available about her separation.

Parents and siblings

Jane Elizabeth Novis is the lovely daughter of Edward Norman Novis and Dorothy Jane Anderson. Besides the names, nothing much is available about the personal and professional lives of her parents.

According to some sources, the mother of Jane Elizabeth Novis was a vocal coach while the profession of her father is not known.


Like the married life of Jane Elizabeth Novis, nothing much is available about her children either. There is information available about two of her kids and they are Colleen Hunt and Helen Hunt. Her daughter Helen Hunt is today a famous American actress.

Education and profession

Coming directly to the point, the educational background of Jane Elizabeth Novis is a complete mystery. Jane Elizabeth Novis herself never disclosed any details regarding that. If we talk about her profession, she is a professional photographer.

Reason for the popularity of Jane Elizabeth Novis

Jane Elizabeth Novis Bose has a successful career as a photographer and this is a big reason for her popularity. However, what made her grab public attention is the stardom of her actress daughter, Helen Hunt. The duo of mother and daughter are spotted together sometimes when they step outside.

Net worth of Jane Elizabeth Novis

With the fact that Jane Elizabeth Novis is an established photographer by profession, it does not come as a surprise that she must have earned huge money in her life. However, her exact net worth and earnings are not known to the public.

If you are curious about the net worth of her daughter, she holds a whopping net worth of around 75 million, which she has earned through her acting career.


Jane Elizabeth Novis got married at the young age of 17. Despite this fact, she continued her professional career and achieved great success in that as well. We must say the lady is very talented and maintained a perfect balance between her professional and personal life.

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