Meet Josephine Judith Baeumler, Bryan Baeumler’s Daughter

Josephine Judith Baeumler is the daughter of Canadian television host Bryan Baeumler and his wife, Sarah. She was born on November 27, 2012, and her father could not hide his joy as he took to his Twitter page to inform his fans of the arrival of Josephine. Josephine Judith has three siblings Quintyn, Charlotte and Lincoln Wolfgang.

Early Life and Education

Josephine grew up with her family at the Caerula Mar Resort from age 4. Growing up in such a place was a lot of fun; besides, she was homeschooled, so she spent most of her time in the resort with her older siblings.

All of Bryan’s children were homeschooled, including Josephine Judith Baeumler. However, when her older brother turned 14, he was taken to a boarding high school to have an everyday life like other teens. After being homeschooled in her early years, Josephine and her siblings Lincoln and Charlotte were enrolled in a nearby school.

Given her age, Josephine Judith is probably in middle school within her neighbourhood. Her parents have also taught her the importance of saving, and she is growing into a responsible young lady.

Her Parents Love Life

Josephine’s parents’ story goes back to their high school life; they met there but did not start a romantic relationship. After high school, they kept in contact with each other, and in 2001, they decided to take their friendship to the next level. They dated for three years before exchanging wedding vows in 2004.

Bryan and Sarah have been married for nearly 20 years and have four beautiful kids, with their oldest already turning 18. Despite their challenges as a couple, they have remained faithful to each other and supported each other every step of the way. There are no rumours of divorce or imminent separation between Josephine’s parents.

About Josephine’s Father

Josephine’s father started doing odd jobs when he was 14; he also owned and ran some businesses before moving into media. On television, Bryan has hosted some shows, including House of Bryan, Island of Bryan, Disaster Do It Yourself, Leave It to Bryan and Bryan Inc. Besides, he has acted as a judge on the show Canada’s Handyman Challenge and Deck Wars.

Net Worth of Josephine’s Parents

Josephine’s father has been working since he was 14; he started doing handy jobs and then moved into media, where he has made a name for himself and good money to that name. Bryan Baeumler has a net worth of 20 million, and with that money, he can afford Josephine a lavish life.

Despite her father’s wealth, Josephine is working hard; someday, she will make her own money. She understands the value of saving and must have saved some money for her future projects.

Social Media

Josephine Judith is too young to be allowed to be on social media by her parents, but you can find so many pictures of her on her parents’ timelines on Instagram and Facebook. For instance, her father likes posting her on her birthdays.

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