Who is Lisa Marie Kuhlemeier?

Lisa Marie Kuhlemeier is known thanks to her husband, Perry Arthur Satullo, better known as Perry Saturn. She married Perry in 2009, but it was not Perry’s first marriage; he had been married and divorced thrice. However, it is unclear if it was Lisa’s first marriage since there is no information on her dating history.

Lisa has no children with Perry, or at least she has not made it public if she has any children. Besides, her husband has one child from a previous relationship, and he has posted her once on his Twitter account.

Lisa’s Husband

Lisa Marie’s husband made his wrestling debut in 1990 after working for four years in the US Army. He started wrestling under the United States Wrestling Federation before moving to International Wrestling Federation, where he won his first championship. He partnered with bouncer George Caiazzo, and they formed The Eliminators.

Lisa’s husband with his mate started challenging for titles, winning their first one in 1994, but they lost it a month later to PG-13. Perry Saturn joined the World Championship Wrestling company in 1997 and achieved some success with the company. Lisa’s husband also wrestled for WWE, which he sued in 2016.

In the lawsuit, Perry mentioned that he suffered from traumatic brain injuries, which were never handled well by the wrestling federation. However, the case was dismissed two years later.

Her Husband Helps a Woman Being Raped and The Aftermath

1n 2004, while driving in his car with his girlfriend, Lisa’s husband saw two men rape a woman, and he could not watch as they did the inhuman act to the woman. He confronted them, and he was able to beat them up, but unfortunately, he got shot. While in an interview, he mentioned that one shot was to his neck while the other shot got him on his shoulder. At first, he thought the gunshot to the shoulder was a punch, but he found out otherwise later.

His wounds were treated, but the aftermath was worse as he became a meth addict and could not do anything or concentrate without using it. Lisa’s husband was often on the streets and ended up losing his apartment. Perry was homeless, but he later re-established himself.

Her Husband’s Net Worth

Lisa Marie’s husband made good money through his wrestling career. However, he has used most of that money for surgeries and lost some of it to drugs, given he was a meth addict. Even at some point, he was homeless, pointing out his financial struggles. Some sources say he has a net worth of 1 million dollars, but his exact net worth is unknown.

Where is Lisa Marie Kuhlemeier Now?

Lisa Marie Kuhlemeier has remained relatively private, and it is hard to tell what is going on in her life or where she is now. Besides, she is not active on social media, and it can’t be easy to track her whereabouts. Even though her husband is on Twitter, he does not tweet much about his family and has not been active for over two years.


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