Josephine Kate Gavigan, Personal Life and Siblings

Josephine Kate Gavigan is the daughter of the famous TV star and actress Jessica Capshaw. Josephine Kate was born in May 2016 and her mother was so happy to announce to her fans that they had welcomed the fourth baby with her husband, Christopher Gavigan, the Honest Company co-founder. Let’s find more facts about Josephine Kate Gavigan!

Josephine Kate Gavigan’s Siblings

Josephine Kate Gavigan is the last born in her family and has three siblings. Luke Gavigan, Josephine’s eldest sibling, is around 14 years old. Another sibling of Josephine is Eve, 11, and Poppy, the third born at 9.

Josephine Kate’s mother had given her fans a hint that they had decided to expand their family, and later she announced how lucky she was to have welcomed her daughter Josephine Kate. She was also grateful that everyone cared for her during her pregnancy and that her baby girl arrived in good health.

Josephine Kate’s Mother

Jessica Capshaw, the famous Grey’s Anatomy actress, is Josephine Kate’s mother. Jessica was born on August 9, 1976, making her 46 years old. Josephine’s mother gained popularity when she debuted in the Grey’s Anatomy drama in the fifth season.

Josephine Kate’s mother is American and was born in Columbia, Missouri. Jessica’s parents, Kate Capshaw and Robert Capshaw have a history of engaging in the acting industry. Jessica’s mother was an actress and producer, and her father was a sales manager, high school principal, and marketing director.

Josephine Kate’s mother attended Harvard-Westlake school in 1994 and later joined Brown University, where she graduated with an English Degree. She developed a passion for acting like her mother and started attending acting classes at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London.

Josephine Kate’s mother was temporarily contracted to join Gray’s Anatomy, but the contact was extended, and she became a regular actor in season six of the drama. Although Josephine Kate’s mother’s salary has not been shared with the public, she is rich and has a fortune worth $20 million in 2020.

Moreover, Josephine Cate’s mother is active on various social media platforms, especially Twitter and Instagram. She has gained a huge following of 3.1 million on Instagram and 867K on Twitter.

Josephine Kate’s Father

Christopher Gavigan is the father of Josephine Kate. Christopher is a recognized businessman known as the Co-founder of The Honest Company. Moreover, Josephine Kate’s father is also an author and has written one of the best-selling books called Healthy Child Healthy World.

Christopher Gavigan was born in April 1974 in the United States, where she grew up. There is not much information about his family or siblings. He graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara, ad later joined UCLA for his master’s degree in Psychology.

Josephine’s parents co-founded The Honest Company, and it has grown to have a value of $1.7 billion. Moreover, Josephine’s father also founded Pinnacle Expeditions, an adventure travel company.

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