Kelsy Cameron Fogerty – Biography, Family, Career, Net Worth, Age

Kelsy Cameroon is associated more with her surname Fogerty. She is the daughter of a popular American singer and guitarist, John Fogerty. Her father’s popularity has set room for Kelsy Cameroon Fogerty to get a room in the spotlight, and we will uncover some facts about Kelsy and her family. Stick around.

Kelsy Cameron Fogerty’s Family and Early Life

Kelsy Cameron Fogerty was born on 5th October 2001. She is the daughter of Julie Fogerty and John Fogerty. Furthermore, she has two brothers, Shane and Tyler Fogerty, who were born in 1991 and 1992, respectively. Her sister is called Lyndsay Fogerty, and she was born in 1984. Kelsy Fogerty takes after her father regarding her interest in guitar, and she is a vocalist and drummer.

Kelsy’s zodiac sign is Libra, and her birth place is Los Angeles, California. Her grandfather is Galen Robert Fogerty, and her nationality is American.

Who is Kelsy Cameron Fogerty’s Father?

Kelsy is the loving daughter of John Cameron Fogerty. Her father is an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist. He is popularly known for being the lead guitarist and singer of the band called “Creedence Clearwater Revival.”

John Fogerty was born on 28th May 1945 in Berkely, California. His nationality is American, and he studied at El Cerrito High School. Later, in 1967, he joined the Creedence Clearwater Revival band, where he was a lead singer and guitarist. Furthermore, he has served in the army.

Kelsy’s father started his career as a musician in 1959, and despite joining the army in 1966, he continued with his music career. His army life lasted a year, after which he joined the Creedence band. During his time with the band, they get 9 top hit singles in 4 years and 8 albums. That was a major milestone for the band.

Kelsy’s father took his career further as a vocalist and engaged in other businesses to increase his income sources. He even won recognition among the best 100 vocalists and guitarists. His performances are exceptional; he even got nominated for a Grammy in 2010.

As of 2022, John Fogerty’s estimated net worth was $80 million, and all this wealth is attributed to his career and businesses. Kelsy’s father has had two marriages. His first marriage was with Martha, but they divorced with three children. He is married to Julie Kramer, with whom they have enjoyed a happy marriage since 1986.

Kelsy Cameroon Fogerty’s Career, Love Life, and Net Worth

Kelsy enjoys being a guitarist, vocalist, and drummer. She has performed on various occasions and hopes to take her interest and build a career like her father. Her net worth is unknown, but her father’s net worth of $80 million warms her.

Kelsy’s future is yet to unleash itself fully. But until then, we can only wait and watch what happens next in her career. As for her love life, we assume she is single as she hasn’t openly talked about her boyfriend or love life. Besides, she enjoys keeping a low profile, and most things about her remain hidden.

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