Joshua Soteros Family, Personal Life, & More

Joshua Soteros is the celebrity uncle of Meadow Rain Walker, the only daughter of the late actor Paul Walker. Paul William Walker IV is famously remembered as Brian O’Connor from the Fast and Furious series. Joshua’s sister, Rebecca Soteros was the ex-girlfriend of Paul Walker and the mother of Meadow Rain. Keep on reading to find out more about Joshua Soteros.

Personal Life Of Joshua Soteros

Julie Ann Soteros and Mark Joseph Soteros welcomed their only son Joshua Michael Soteros on September 26, 1997. Their eldest daughter, Rebecca Jane Soteros, came into this world on March 20, 1974. Rebecca dated actor Paul Walker for a year before their breakup in 1999. The ex-couple’s daughter Meadow Rain Walker was welcomed into this world on November 4, 1998. Joshua has been a fixture in Meadow’s life since before she was born, and he and Rebecca have been incredibly close for many years.

Growing up, Joshua was an active and outgoing child who loved to play sports. He was also very close to his elder sister, Rebecca. As a teen, Joshua attended a prestigious private high school in Los Angeles and excelled academically. He was also an avid surfer, and he often took trips down to the beach with his friends.

Music Career Of Joshua Soteros

Joshua is passionate about music and has been a part of several bands over the years. He plays several instruments, including the guitar, piano, and drums. He has many albums to his credit and has gone on tour alongside some of the top names in music.

Joshua Soteros’s Niece: Meadow Walker

Meadow Rain Walker is the daughter of the late Paul Walker, an American actor and philanthropist who passed away in a car crash in 2013. Meadow was just 15 at that time. She decided to honor him by founding the Paul Walker Foundation. Meadow also pursued a career in modeling and was signed to Women Management in 2016.

Life Of Joshua Post Meadow’s Birth

When Rebecca became pregnant with Paul Walker’s daughter, Meadow, Joshua was there to support her every step of the way. He often drove her to medical appointments and did whatever he could to make sure that Rebecca had everything she needed. After Meadow was born, Joshua became an integral part of Meadow’s life. He would often take Meadow on trips to the beach, and he was always there to lend a helping hand when Rebecca needed it.

Humanitarian Works Of Joshua Soteros

In addition to being a part of Meadow’s life, Joshua has also been a major contributor to the Paul Walker Foundation. The Paul Walker Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Paul’s family and friends to continue his legacy. The foundation works to support charities and causes that Paul held close to his heart, such as ocean conservation and disaster relief. Joshua is an active member of the foundation and has been instrumental in helping it to achieve its goals.


Joshua Soteros is an incredible person who has been an important part of Meadow’s life since she was born. His influence can be seen in the Paul Walker Foundation and his music career. He is an incredible example of how to live life to the fullest and how to make the world a better place.

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