Jules Laviscount, Personal Life and Net Worth

Not everyone has to make efforts to earn a name and fame in the world. Some people become popular because of their siblings and Jules Laviscount is one such person. He is best known for being the brother of English actor, Lucien Laviscount, who is a self-made star.

Personal life

With the fact that Jules Laviscount is famous in the world only because of his brother, not at all any information is available about his early life. From his exact date of birth to his birthplace, everything is a mystery to the public. The only thing we are sure about his early life is that he is British and the names of his parents are Sonia Laviscount and Eugene Laviscount.

If you talk about the love life of Jules Laviscount, it is still a secret from the public. The young man has made sure not to disclose any details regarding that. However, we do hope that he must be in a relationship today and that he is a young man.

Parents and siblings

Jules Laviscount is one of three children of his parents, Sonia Laviscount and Eugene Laviscount. Other than the names, not at all any information is available on the personal lives of his parents. On the professional front, the father of Jules Laviscount is said to be a former bodybuilder while his mother has kept the details regarding her profession to herself only. Speaking of the siblings of Jules Laviscount, he has two siblings and their names are Lucien Laviscount and Louis Laviscount.


Since Jules Laviscount has not taken the curtains off her personal life, it is not confirmed whether or not he has become a father in his life yet.

Education and profession

You will not get any details about the education of Jules Laviscount because he himself has kept it a secret. Not just his educational background but Jules Laviscount has not unfolded any details regarding his professional career either. However since Jules Laviscount would be around more than 25 years old today, we do hope that he must be professionally active.

Reason for the popularity of Jules Laviscount

Of course, the main reason for the popularity of Jules Laviscount is his actor brother, who has launched himself in the film industry and achieved success on his own. He shares a very good bond with his actor brother and is often spotted with him. This is how Jules Laviscount managed to grab public attention.

Net worth of Jules Laviscount

As you already know that the profession of Jules Laviscount is not known, you can’t make any assumption about his net worth either. We can just hope that he would also be professionally successful like his brother, Lucien Laviscount and would be earning money like him, who has an estimated net worth of around 7 million at the moment. His brother has made all this money through his successful acting career.


Jules Laviscount is a celebrity sibling and this is the reason for his popularity. He seems to enjoy being popular because whenever he comes in front of the media, he interacts really well and looks happy too.


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