Nathan Fielder and His Marriage to Sarah Ziolkowska

Nathan Fielder: A Brief Biography

Nathan Fielder is a Canadian comedian, actor, writer, and director known for his famous Comedy Central show Nathan for You, which ran for four seasons until 2017. Born on May 12, 1983, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Fielder is 38 years old. He graduated from the University of Victoria with a degree in business studies and then attended Humber College for a specialization course in comedy.

Nathan Fielder’s Career and Achievements

Fielder started his career in the entertainment industry as a screenwriter for Canadian Idol. Later, he ran his show, Nathan on Your Sideshow. In 2008, Fielder appeared in This Hour Has 22 Minutes, a weekly comedy show. He wrote, directed, and starred in Nathan for You, which earned him critical acclaim and a Canadian Comedy Award for Best Performance by a Male in 2014. Fielder also appeared in films like The Night Before and The Disaster Artist.

Nathan Fielder’s Relationship and Marriage

Nathan Fielder married Sarah Ziolkowska in 2013. Unfortunately, the couple separated in 2014 and never had any children. Since then, Nathan Fielder has not been publicly involved in any romantic relationships. According to some reports, he was associated with a woman named Maci.

Nathan Fielder’s Net Worth and Trivia

Nathan Fielder is a wealthy comedian, with a net worth of $4 million. He gave his voice to one of the characters in Rick and Morty and directed a short film called Morris.

In conclusion, Nathan Fielder is a talented comedian, actor, writer, and director with an impressive body of work. His marriage to Sarah Ziolkowska was short-lived, but Fielder continues to make us laugh with his unique brand of comedy. With his net worth and talent, we can only expect more from this Canadian star in the years to come.

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