Juwan Howard Wife: Meet Jenine Wardally

Jenine Wardally, the wife of the renowned basketball coach and former player Juwan Howard, has gained recognition in her own right as a singer, writer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. This article delves into her background, career, and family life with Juwan.

Early Life and Family

Jenine Wardally was born on February 7, 1975, in Brooklyn, New York, to George Wardally and Jenine Ruby. She grew up with her three sisters, Maya, Leisha, and Shakira, in Brooklyn, where they were raised by both parents.

Career and Philanthropy

Jenine Wardally has made a name for herself as a writer, having authored books like “Sons of the Dawn” and “Sons of the Dawn: A Basque Odyssey.” She is also an accomplished singer and entrepreneur. Jenine and Juwan run a charity organization called the Juice Foundation, which aims to promote a healthy lifestyle and support traditional and non-traditional healing.

The Juice Foundation was founded after Juwan’s close friend Juice was diagnosed with stage four cancer and given six weeks to live. The couple sent him away for alternative treatment, and he was able to live for another year. The foundation hosts an annual fashion show, with models that include athletes’ children and cancer patients from the Sylvester Cancer Center.

Marriage and Family

Jenine Wardally and Juwan Howard got married on July 6, 2002, and have been together for over 20 years. They have two sons, Jace and Jett. Juwan also has four other children with other women: Juwan Jr., Starr, Sky, and Joshua. The family has a close relationship and has never been associated with any scandal or controversy.

Net Worth

Jenine Wardally’s net worth is estimated at $1 million, while Juwan Howard has a net worth of $126 million. Juwan’s net worth comes from his $6 million annual salary as the head coach of the Michigan Wolverines and the $400,000 royalty he collects from various books written about him.


Jenine Wardally may be best known as Juwan Howard’s wife, but she has established herself as an accomplished writer, singer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Her family life with Juwan has been a happy one, and the couple has remained committed to philanthropy throughout their marriage.

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