Who is Karen Lee Bright?

Karen Lee Bright is the ex-wife of Sammy Sosa, and she came into the limelight after the marriage. Karen was born in the United States in 1969 but has kept a low profile since she ended her marriage with the celebrity.

The marriage worked for a year, and they ended it without giving reasons for their actions. The couple did not have any children at the time of their divorce, and in the same year of their divorce, Sammy Sosa married another person they have spent life with, giving birth to six children.

After Karen Lee Bright ended their marriage, she disappeared from the public eye, and there are no updates regarding her life. That is why it is yet to be determined if she married later and had children. Moreover, Karen has not been linked to any social media profile.

Karen Lee Bright’s Ex-Husband

Karen Lee’s ex-husband is called Sammy Sosa and is a former Baseball player who made his name for his talent in baseball. The former player married Karen Lee Bright in 1991, but the marriage lasted shortly.

The circumstances that led to their marriage have never been revealed, except that they walked down the aisle in 1991. The marriage ended after a year, and the former baseball player found another love in the same year.

Sammy Sosa married a Dominican Television Dancer, Sinia Rodriguez, in 1992. The marriage was civil, but years later, they had a white wedding in December 2004. Sosa has remained married to Sonia and is a happy parent of six children.

Personal Life of Sammy Sosa

Sammy Sosa is a professional baseball player recognized for playing for MLB for many years.

After retiring from sports, Sosa started changing his skin tone, which led to rumors that he was sick or not proud of his dark-skinned tone. The accusations forced the star to go to Spanish television, where he confirmed that he was using a bleaching cream that helped to make his skin lighter.

Sosa denied allegations that he was ill or hated his dark skin tone. However, the celebrity did not explain his reasons for using a bleaching cream.

Controversies Regarding Sammy Sosa

The New York Times announced in 2009 that Sosa was listed among players who were involved in using performance-enhancing drugs. Sosa was among the players who tested positive for the test carried out in 2003.

In 2005, Sosa’s attorney testified on his behalf that he had never used steroids during his career. Sosa said that he has never injected him, nor has anyone ever done it on his behalf. Sosa continued that he was clean and had not broken United States laws.

Sosa explained that he was waiting to be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame, which he became eligible for in 2013. However, he was never inducted because of the accusations of using steroids to enhance his performance in the field.



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