Launching Your Career as a Sprinter Van Driver in the USA: A Comprehensive Guide from Bazar club experts

As reported by the United Nations, close to 4 million Ukrainians have departed their homeland since February 24 2022. While some of these displaced individuals have since returned, the trend of emigration persists. Notably, around 100,000 Ukrainians have migrated to the USA, taking advantage of the U4U support program introduced by the US government.

This refugee program is a historic first in the US, offering asylum seekers not only refuge but also the opportunity to legally work in the country. A minority of the participants in this program have enough financial resources to pursue further training or get their academic qualifications recognized. However, most are in immediate need of employment. Jobs that don’t demand specialized skills and value Ukrainian expertise, such as roles involving sprinter van driving jobs, are among the viable options.

The landscape of freight transportation in the USA differs significantly from that in Ukraine. To gain a deeper understanding of this sector and to provide up-to-date information, we consulted with specialists from the immigration-focused platform

Essential details of the career

While the name suggests it, the sprinter driver jobs don’t necessarily mean operating a Mercedes Sprinter. Although this particular vehicle is common in the field, “Sprinter” is often used in job descriptions to denote the vehicle type more generally. Usually, it refers to a model with an elongated body, suitable for container or passenger transport, built on a single frame.

These vehicles serve various purposes, including:

  • Delivering mail and parcels for courier companies;
  • Hauling regular or oversized items for transport companies;
  • Providing transfer services for tourism and excursion operators.

Working options include employment with a company or running your own business if you own a vehicle. Starting with company employment is recommended to accumulate experience in the American market, learn the industry’s regulations, and get familiar with its specific terminology. Additionally, you might get the opportunity to purchase your employer’s vehicle later on. The possibilities in this field are extensive.

Advantages of being a sprinter van driver in the USA

No need for CDL. Operating a Sprinter-type van for safe cargo transport just requires a regular US driver’s license, eliminating the need for a Commercial Driver License.

Language skills are not a barrier. For new drivers, interaction is mainly with dispatchers. Many companies employing Ukrainian staff converse in Ukrainian or Russian, which also helps in gradually improving English proficiency.

Comfortable work environment. Typically, these vans are used for short-haul deliveries. This means drivers aren’t required to sleep in their vehicles or worry about overnight parking, allowing them to return home every night.

Legitimate employment opportunities. Companies are motivated to employ refugees due to governmental incentives.

Good earning potential. The income of a sprinter driver can fluctuate from week to week based on various aspects like distance covered, gross income, and the number of delivery stops. Nonetheless, the pay is generally higher than other non-specialized sectors.

Challenges faced by sprinter van drivers in the USA

The following are not outright drawbacks or hazards, but rather challenges that contribute to the reasonable compensation of drivers:

Client and freight forwarder interaction. Novice drivers might initially deal only with dispatchers, but as they gain experience, they will need to interact with clients, garage technicians, and freight forwarders. Thus, improving English language skills and the ability to communicate effectively with diverse groups becomes crucial.

Fluctuating earnings. A driver’s workload and order volume can change based on weekdays or seasons, leading to inconsistent earnings. While work is constant, the weekly paycheck may vary.

Physical exertion. In many instances, for sprinter van company driver jobs, the drivers  are responsible for loading and unloading the cargo themselves, as not all clients or employers arrange for additional labor.

Administrative duties. The job extends beyond driving. It includes administrative responsibilities like managing documents and paperwork, such as tracking orders and filling out necessary forms during the journey.

Earning prospects as a sprinter driver specialists conducted an analysis of employment listings on their site to provide insight into potential earnings. Compensation structures differ, offering either a steady rate or payments determined by miles driven or gross earnings.

Fixed-rate earnings are as follows:

  • Hourly: between $16 and $27;
  • Daily: ranges from $200 to $500;
  • Weekly: earn from $1,200 up to $3,000.

For variable rate compensation, it’s calculated based on:

  • Distance covered: earning 38 to 52 cents per mile;
  • Percentage of gross revenue: earning between 25% and 45% of the overall income.

How to get a job as a sprinter driver?

Start by searching for sprinter van driver jobs in your area. Focus on positions that do not require a CDL. It’s also advisable to familiarize yourself with the driving regulations of different states, as the requirements can vary from the general practice.

Commonly, applicants should meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 21 years old;
  • Possess a valid U.S. driver’s license (non-U.S. licenses are typically not valid);
  • Have a minimum of six months’ driving experience;
  • Maintain a record of safe driving;
  • Possess fundamental English language skills;
  • Hold valid work authorization in the U.S.

Other requirements may apply depending on the specific sprinter van company driver jobs and the nature of its business.

Beginning a career as a sprinter driver in the USA can be almost instantaneous post-relocation. Acquiring a CDL or prior work experience in America isn’t a prerequisite. This role offers the chance to earn a substantial salary right away, alongside numerous prospects for career advancement.

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