Linda Tripp, Personal Life and Net Worth

Linda Tripp is a renowned civil servant from America, who is best known for her significant role in the Clinton–Lewinsky scandal in 1998. Linda Tripp is dead today but she is still remembered for her remarkable work in this particular scandal.

If you are interested to know more about her, today we are going to tell you everything about her starting from her early life to her death. So, read the article.

Personal life

Linda Tripp was born as Linda Rose Carotenuto on 24th November 1949 in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA. The names of her parents are Albert Carotenuto and Inge. Her father was American while her mother was German but Linda Tripp holds American nationality.

Speaking of the personal life of Linda Tripp, she got married two times in her life. Her first marriage was with Bruce Tripp, a military officer, in 1972. After staying together for almost 18 years, the couple separated in 1990. She married for the second time in 2004. The name of her second husband is Dieter Rausch, who is a civil servant. She remained with him till her death in 2020. On 8th April 2020 in Middleburg, Virginia, United States, Linda Tripp took her last breath.

Parents and siblings

Linda Tripp is the lovely daughter of Albert Carotenuto and Inge, who divorced each other in 1968 after staying together for many years. As for their professional front, the father of Linda Tripp was in the US Army, and later he worked as a school teacher. On the other hand, the profession of Linda Tripp’s mother is not known.


Linda Tripp was the proud mother of two kids and she had both of these kids from her first marriage. The names of her kids are Allison Tripp and Ryan Tripp. From the second marriage, she did not have any kids.

Education and profession

Linda Tripp did not receive a very high level of education in her life. Despite this fact, she managed to reach such heights of success in her professional career. After completing her High school at Hanover Park High School, she stepped into her professional career and went on to become a popular civil servant.

Reason for the popularity of Linda Tripp

Well, Linda Tripp herself is the reason for her popularity. She has achieved success in her life through her own efforts and established herself as a big personality in the world. This is the reason that her name is alive even after her death.

Net worth of Linda Tripp

With the fact that Linda Tripp had achieved prolific success in her life, it does not come as a surprise that she had managed to accumulate a giant net worth of around 1 million. She has earned all this money through her own efforts.


Gaining professional success and popularity without any involvement in the glamor world is not a small thing because not every profession is highlighted in the media. Considering this fact, we must say that Linda Tripp was truly a very successful lady.


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