Loletha Adkins, Personal Life and Net Worth

Loletha Adkins is a celebrity mother, widely recognized for being the mother of American actor Alfonso Freeman. Besides this, she is also known for having a relationship with the American Oscar award-winning actor Morgan Freeman. The life of Loletha Adkins is quite interesting and today will talk about that.

So, get into the details if you are interested to find out the early life, parents, siblings, education, work, net worth, love life, children, and other details about Loletha Adkins.

Personal life

With the fact that Loletha Adkins is mainly famous because of her child and love affair, no information is available about her childhood. Neither the names of her parents nor her birthplace is known. Coming to her love life that made her celebrity, the gorgeous lady was once in a relationship with American legendary actor

Morgan Freeman. Though the relationship never culminated in marriage, it definitely gave Loletha Adkins a dose of popularity that she is enjoying even today. After this relationship, it is not known whether Loletha Adkins got married or remained single only.

Parents and siblings

We already told you that the family life of Loletha Adkins is a secret to the public. Even after gaining public attention, Loletha Adkins never bothered to disclose any details regarding her parents as well as siblings. We are not even sure whether Loletha Adkins has any siblings.


Although the relationship of Loletha Adkins with Morgan Freeman could not convert into a marriage, Loletha Adkins and embraced motherhood through this relationship. She became the mother of a child named Alfonso Freeman, who is today a famous American actor like his father.

Education and profession

Well, here again, you will not find any confirmed information because it has been kept under wraps by Loletha Adkins. However, we believe that Loletha Adkins must be an educated lady and would have been active in some prestigious profession. Else, she could not have got the opportunity to date such a legendary actor.

Reason for the popularity of Loletha Adkins

Loletha Adkins is mainly famous because of two men in her life: one is her lover and the second is her son. First, she grabbed public attention when she dated actor Morgan Freeman during the late 90s. And today, she is mainly known because of her son, Alfonso Freeman.

Net worth of Loletha Adkins

With the fact that the profession of Loletha Adkins is not known, her net worth can’t be estimated either. However, one thing is sure that today Loletha Adkins is enjoying a luxurious life because her son is quite successful in his career. Right now, he has an estimated net worth of around 1.7 million. His major source of earnings is obviously his acting career.


Though Loletha Adkins was in a relationship with the legendary actor, she raised her son all alone. With this fact, we would say that Loletha Adkins is a strong and self-dependent woman, who knows very well how to handle her life on her own terms.



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