Lori Jayne Lampson: All Personal Details Regarding Clay Walker’s Ex-Wife

Lori Jayne Lampson is the ex-wife of the famous country music singer Clay Walker. Lori Jayne came into the limelight because of her previous relationship with the singer. However, not many details about her early life and current life have been revealed to the public. Lori Jayne’s ex-husband debuted in music in 1993, and he has grown into a known musician releasing some of the best hits. Let’s find more facts about Lori Jayne Lampson!

Short Biography of Lori Jayne Lampson

There are no records of Lori’s date of birth nor her parents’ birth, but she must be almost the same age as her ex-husband. Lori was married to the famous musician Clay Walker for thirteen and a half years, and they had two children during the relationship.

Lori and Clay Walker were seeing each other before they married, and they had dated for almost two years before they got married. The wedding occurred on October 24, 1992, before Clay Walker released his first single music.

Lori and Clay Walker had two children, Maclay DaLayne and Skylor ClayAnne, born on January 14, 1996, and May 14, 1999, respectively.

Unfortunately, the relationship between Lori and Clay could not work out, and they filed for divorce in 2005. It is unclear why the love birds decided to end their relationship, but according to a show that Clay Walker was featured on, he mentioned how sorry he felt he would not do anything for his ex-wife. Lori was never satisfied with the relationship and would complain a lot, leading to differences they could not solve.

Lori Jayne Lampson’s Ex-Husband

Clay Walker was Lori’s ex-husband, a recognized musician, and the father of Lori’s two children. Lori’s ex-husband’s real name is Clayton Walker Jr, and he was the firstborn in a family of five children. Walker Jr was born on August 19, 1969, in Beaumont, Texas, to his parents, Ernest Walker and Danna Walker.

Clay Walker was never the lucky one during his late twenties because of the multiple Sclerosis he was battling with. The doctor indicated that Lori’s ex-husband would be in a wheelchair by 2000 and die by 2004, but his devotion towards music helped him deal with the difficult situation.

He indicated once on a radio show that a person’s willingness to live is more significant than anything. He had a cause that helped him live and fight every day to improve. His health condition led to his music’s success and made him start a non-profit charity named Band Against the Disease.

Lori’s ex-husband explained how divorce was never easy, but he vowed to continue being the best father his children would have. He promised after the divorce to create time and pick up his children after school.

After the divorce, Clay Walker fell in love again, and he was married to Jessica Craig in 2007. In his later marriage, Walker was blessed with two other children, Mary Elizabeth and William Clayton, making him have four children.

Currently, the net worth of the famous country music singer is estimated to be around $8 million.

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