Maria Albert Zucht – All Personal Details About Eddie Albert’s Daughter

Maria Albert Zucht is the daughter of the famous actor, Eddie Albert. Edward Albert Heimberger was a legendary actor, and before he became an actor, he used to work as a circus trapeze flier. Maria Albert was adopted by her parents when she was four years old, explaining why there is no accurate record of her birth date and other details. Maria was not the only child of the legendary actor because she had a brother called Edward Albert Jr. Continue reading this post to discover more information about Maria Albert and her family.

Biography of Maria Albert

The exact date of Maria Albert’s birth is unknown to the public. When Maria was four years old, she got blessed with a new family. Eddie Albert and his wife Margo adopted Maria and raised her as their child.

The known actor had a biological son named Edward Albert, which made Maria’s family have four members in total. Maria served as the business manager of her father while her brother chose to go into acting like his father.

Maria Albert Zucht’s Parents

Maria Albert’s parents were fond of her and ensured she grew up cared for well. It is not clear how Maria’s parents came to meet, but records indicate they tied the knot in 1945. There is not much information regarding how the two lovebirds met, but in the presence of their friends and family, they had a beautiful ceremony signifying the beginning of their union.

After the wedding of Maria’s parents, they lived in Pacific Palisades, California, in a decent house with a cornfield in front.

Maria Albert Zucht’s Father

Edward Albert was the father of Maria, and he was a recognized actor. He started his career before 1936 when he appeared in RCBA for an intimate live performance for radio licenses. After two years, Albert debuted in filming and started his career. His first roles were as the good-nurtured buddy and hero of the films and once as a villain.

Between 1942 and 1949, he appeared in several films. His appearances in several films demonstrated his skills in comedy and drama, and it is no wonder he received several awards. Albert expressed that he was more concerned with his growth as a performer than success, explaining his growing acting skills.

The Death of Maria Albert Zucht’s Parents and Brother

Unfortunately, the immediate family of Maria Albert is not alive. Her parents were married for forty years, but her mother died in 1985 due to brain cancer. Maria’s mother was 68 years when she died in their home in Pacific Palisades.

In 1995, Albert was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Maria’s brother stopped his acting career, and he went to take care of his father. On May 26, 2005, Maria’s father died at the age of 99 in his home in Pacific Palisades, and he got laid to rest next to his late wife.

One year after the death of Maria’s father, her brother also died at 55. Mariah’s brother had had lung cancer for 18 months, which caused his death.

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