Louis Naess Family and Personal Life

Louis Naess was born to Arne Naess Jr and Camilla Astrup in March 2003 in the Unites States. Louis Naess’ mother was his father’s third wife, and he had many other elder children in his previous relationships. It is unclear what Louis Naess is doing now but let’s find more information about him.

Louis Naess’ Father

Arne Naess Jr is the father of Louis and was born on December 8, 1937. Louis’ father was born in Germany to August Oskar and Kirsten Dekke Naess, a Norwegian national whose uncle was Arne Naess. During the war, Naess ‘s parents stayed together and divorced after the war.

After Naess’ parents divorced, his mother moved to Norway with him giving him her maiden name Naess. In 1964, Louis’ father moved to New York to work for one of his uncles, a businessman.

Louis’ father got nurtured by his uncle and motivated, and he started his business in 1968. That year he invested in real estate, shipping, and oil businesses which made him good money. Although he made bad investments in the 1990s, he became successful after investing in the IT business.

The Personal Life of Lous’ Father

Louis’ father married in 1966 to Filippa Kumlin. They got blessed with two daughters, Kantika and Leona Naess, and a son called Christopher. The marriage ended some years later, and Ness started a relationship with Mari Mustard, a Norwegian actress.

When Louis was going on a trip to the Bahamas, he met Diana Ross, an American singer. The singer and Naess were married in 1985 and got blessed with two sons, Evan and Ross Arne Naess.

The American singer Diana Ross had three daughters from her previous relationships making Louis’ father have three more daughters. It was later revealed that Naess had a relationship with Camilla Astrup, and they had a son while he was married to the American singer Diana Ross. It resulted in their divorce in 2000.

Louis’ father was a moved who moved on quickly, and he continued his relationship with Camilla Astrup. During the time Astrup was with Naess, they had two sons together. Nicklas was the eldest, while Louis was the second born.

Louis Naess’ father died in 2004, and he died while he was descending from a peak. According to reports, his anchoring equipment loosened, leading to a 103-meter fall that caused his death. He died at 66 years. At the time of Naess’ death, he had established himself as a successful businessman in the real estate sector.

Louis Naess’ Mother

Camilla Astrup is the mother of Louis Naess. Camilla and Naess were not legally married but had been together for the last five years of Naess’ life. It is not clear when Louis’ parents met, but they had a secret relationship which made the relationship between Naess and the American singer Diana Ross end in a divorce. It is unclear if Louis’s mother later got another life partner.

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