Marcy Gumbel’s Net Worth, Career, and Family

Marcy Gumbel is a celebrity lady who got people’s attention for being Greg Gumbel’s wife. Greg Gumbel is an American Sportscaster whose years in the television industry have brought fame to his family. Marcy married the television personality in 1973, leading to four decades of a successful marriage.

Many people have admired Greg and Marcy Gumbel for their successful marriage life. While others may adore them, they show a lot as a couple. Although Marcy has been in the limelight as Greg’s wife, she has maintained a low profile and ensured details regarding her are not shared with the public.

Short Bio about Marcy Gumbel

Marcy Gumbel was born in the United States on April 3, 1949, as Marcella Kaszynski. She was born into white parents in the middle class who took care of her. Unfortunately, Marcy has not revealed her parents and siblings’ names in the media, making it difficult to get accurate information about her birth background.

Marcy married Greg Gumbel in 1973, years after she had welcomed a child with the sportscaster. She has remained a supportive wife since her marriage and lived in various parts of the USA while her husband grew his career.

Marcy Gambit is a proud mother of one child, Michelle Gumbel, who she gave birth to in 1969 before her marriage with Greg Gumbel. According to trusted reports, Marcy lives in Lauderdale, Florida, USA, with her husband, who owns a multi-million dollar mansion.

Marcy Gumbel’s Husband

Marcy Gumbel’s husband is called Greg Gumbel, a famous American Sportscaster. The duo exchanged vows in 1973 and built a beautiful love story that has made their marriage succeed for all those years. Unfortunately, there is no record of how the two met, but they had a daughter together who they had in 1969, being they formalized their relationship.

Marcy and Greg Gumbel are excellent examples in marriage life; many have remembered how they have maintained a good relationship for many years without scandals. Before the couple married, there were no records of their past relationships.

Why is Marcy Gumbel’s Husband Famous?

Marcy Gumbel’s husband was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, on May 3, 1946. Greg was the firstborn in his family; his father was a judge, while his mother was a homemaker.

The good career of his father enabled Greg to get a better education in a secondary school in the South of Chicago. He later joined college and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.

Greg Gumbel started selling hospital supplies in Detroit after he graduated from college. Later he started working for radio and TV channels before he landed a role at CBS as a Sportscaster, which made him famous.

Greg Gumbel heard from his younger brother that a subsidiary of NBC was auditioning for a Sportscaster in Chicago, and he gave it a trial. That is how Greg Gumbel got the job in 973 and started his career as a sportscaster.

In 1988, Greg Gumbel rose in the ranks and became a Sportscaster with CBS. He has worked with CBS for many years, growing his net worth.

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