Patricia Dourif Amenta, Personal Life and Net Worth

Patricia Dourif Amenta is the sister of American Oscar-nominated actor Brad Dourif. Not just the brother of Patricia Dourif Amenta but her mother was also a famous actress. Despite having so many celebrities in her family, Patricia Dourif Amenta loves to stay low profile. However, today, we tried to find out some information about her.

So, read the article further and you will get to know all about early life, parents, siblings, education, profession, net worth, love life, children, and all other details about Patricia Dourif Amenta.

Personal life

Since the only reason that made Patricia Dourif Amenta popular is her brother, nothing much is available about her early life. Her exact date of birth as well as birthplace is not known. The only confirmed thing about her is that she is an American and the names of her parents are Joan Mavis Felton  and Jean Henri Dourif.

The same goes for the love life of Patricia Dourif Amenta as well. Not at all any information is available about her personal life. With the fact that Patricia Dourif Amenta is an old lady today, we can say that she must have gotten married if she had met the dream man of her life.

Parents and siblings

Patricia Dourif Amenta is one of five children of her parents, Joan Mavis Felton and Jean Henri Dourif. When Patricia Dourif Amenta was a little child, her father died. Then, her mother remarried and her stepfather helped her mother in the upbringing of her five kids.

Among her siblings, her brother Brad Dourif is the most popular. Today, he is a renowned American actor that has bagged an Oscar nomination.

As for the professions of her parents, the mother of Patricia Dourif Amenta was an actress while her father was an art collector. Besides that, he also owned a dye factory.


Considering the fact that today Patricia Dourif Amenta is an old lady you can assume that she might have become a mother. However, it is not confirmed and there is no information available about her kids either.

Education and profession

Nothing much is available about the personal life of Patricia Dourif Amenta including her education. Not just education, actually the professional career of Patricia Dourif Amenta is also a mystery to the public.

Since most of her family members are in prestigious professions, we hope that Patricia Dourif Amenta would be having a reputed profession as well.

Reason for the popularity of Patricia Dourif Amenta

The main reason for the popularity of Patricia Dourif Amenta is her brother, Brad Dourif, who has achieved significant success in the film industry. Besides him, the mother of Patricia Dourif Amenta is also a reason for her popularity.

Net worth of Patricia Dourif Amenta

Let us tell you directly that it is an absolute secret. With the fact that nothing is known about the profession of Patricia Dourif Amenta, her net worth can’t be estimated either.


Patricia Dourif Amenta has maintained so much privacy about her life that we are not even sure whether or not she is alive today. The lady has kept herself completely away from the glam of the limelight.


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