Morris David Asner, Personal Life and Net Worth

The man today we are going to talk about has already died. It’s the legacy of his son that keeps him alive even today. Morris David Asner is best known for being the father of American actor, Edward Asner. Not much has been ever talked about Morris David Asner.

So, today we are going to disclose all details about him including his early life, parents, siblings, education, profession, net worth, love life, children, and other details.

Personal life

Morris David Asner was born on 5th January 1879 in Vilnius, Lithuania. Since Morris David Asner is a personality from centuries ago, not much information is available about his childhood including the names of his parents. As for the nationality of Morris David Asner, it is also not confirmed. Speaking of the love life of Morris David Asner, the name of his wife was Elizabeth Seliger Asner. When the two got married and how long they remained together is not confirmed. Morris David Asner died on 19 May 1957 at the age of 78 in Kansas City, Wyandotte County, Kansas, USA.

Parents and siblings

As we already said that there is no information available on the family background of Morris David Asner, the names of his parents, as well as siblings, are not known.


Morris David Asner had a successful marriage with Elizabeth Seliger Asner and their union yielded a number of kids. He actually had five kids named Benjamin James Asner, Eve Asner, Esther Asner Edelman, Labe Asner, and Ed Asner. All of his kids have also died today. Among all, Ed Asner was the most popular one and earned huge recognition as a successful American actor.

Education and profession

Just like many other life aspects of Morris David Asner, his education is also a mystery to the public. Let alone Morris David Asner, his famous son has also never talked anything about his father. As for the profession of Morris David Asner, he used to run a second-hand shop and junkyard.

Reason for the popularity of Morris David Asner

Hands down, the only reason for the popularity of Morris David Asner is his popular son, Ed Asner, who was a self-made star and had established himself as a successful Hollywood actor. Morris David Asner is known for being the father of such a great actor.

Net worth of Morris David Asner

With the fact that Morris David Asner was not in a high money-earning profession and was just an owner of a second-hand shop, it is pretty obvious that he did not have much money in his life during his youth. However, he got to enjoy abundant luxury in the latter years of life because of his son, Ed Asner, who had an estimated net worth of around 10 million when he died.


Though Morris David Asner did not do anything big in his professional career, he played his job perfectly in his personal life. He raised his kids so well and made them capable enough to achieve such a massive amount of success through their own efforts.

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