Who is Nicholas Coleman Biden? Family and Personal Info

When you hear Nicholas Coleman Biden, you think of Joe Biden. If that is the case, you guessed right. Nicholas Coleman Biden is the son of James Brian Biden, one of the family members of the recently elected president of the United States.

Nicholas Coleman has established himself as a businessman building a name for himself. The renowned figure is a co-founder at Grove and Vine, one of the most famous olive oil companies. The businessman is a well-known entrepreneur, but other information about his wife or children has been kept from the public eye. Here are the facts about Nicholas Coleman Biden, Joe Biden’s nephew.

How Old is Nicholas Coleman Biden?

Nicholas Coleman Biden was born on December 21, 1982, to his parents, James Brian Biden and Sarah Jones. The well-known business is 39 years old and will celebrate its 40th birthday on December 21.

Is Nicholas Coleman Biden the Only Child in His Family?

Nicholas Coleman Biden is not the only child in his family. The family consists of three children meaning Nicholas has another two siblings, a sister, and a brother. The siblings of Nicholas Nicole Biden include James Brian Biden Jr and Caroline Nicole Biden. James Brian Jr’s birth dates have not been revealed, but Nicholas Colemans’ sister is thirty-five years after being born on May 29, 1987.

Little information is known about Nicholas’ brother but his sister Caroline is also a famous figure after venturing into entrepreneurship like his father and brother. Besides being an entrepreneur and art dealer, she has been involved in various controversies and scams in the United States.

Because of the various activities that Nicholas Coleman’s sister has been engaging in, she has formed the headlines in the media a few times. In June 2021, there was a media controversy around leaked messages between Caroline and her cousin Hunter Biden. The various criminal activities Nicholas Coleman’s sister has engaged in have led to her being arrested severally.

Nicholas Coleman’s sister has worked in a few places, including as an art dealer at Higher Pictures Generation in New York City and as an intern for Proof Integrated Communications. There is no clear record of her working status, but her net worth is around $5-6 million.

Nicholas Coleman Biden’s Parents

Nicholas Coleman Biden is the son of James Brian Biden, popularly called Jimmy by the family. Jimmy is the brother of the 46th president of the United States and is referred to as the helper, always ready to help his family. Nicholas Colem’s father is a recognized businessman, although he has been involved in a few lawsuits because of his career. Moreover, Nicholas Coleman’s father serves as a manager of Joe Biden’s presidential campaigns. Nicholas Coleman Biden’s mother, on the other hand, is an American Lawyer

Is Nicholas Coleman Married?

Unfortunately, Nicholas Coleman has not revealed such information to the public, making it difficult to tell if he has children.

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