Sean Carroll O’Connor Family, Career, & More

Celebrity kids try to shape their careers under their parents’ fame and guidance. This acts as a stimulus, and it catches the attention of the media. However, Sean Carroll O’Connor falls in the same category. He is the son of the famous American actor Hugh O’Connor.

The article is jotted down to indicate every piece of information about Hugh O’Connor. Along with him, a brief section will be adjoined about his famous father.

Early Life And Family

was born in 1993 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. He is the firstborn of Hugh O’Connor and Angela O’Connor. After dating each other for a long time, Sean’s parents walked down the aisle.

Sean has never shown the enthusiasm and zeal to speak up about his life without his father or what kind of relationship he shares with his mother. Nonetheless, since childhood, he must have gone through a dark phase after he lost his father.

Sean’s Father

Hugh Edward Ralph O’Connor, professionally known as Hugh O’Connor, was an actor from America. He was born on 7th April 1962, in Rome, Italy. He was the adoptive son of Carroll and Nancy. He didn’t have a normal and joyful childhood like others. At the age of 16, he had to face the consequences of the deadly disease Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

After fighting for a long time, Hugh overpowered cancer after two surges and chemotherapies. However, his life changed after Hugh turned up as a drug addict. Initially, he was entirely dependent upon painkillers, but later, he commenced taking harder drugs to lower his pain. Moreover, to gain a better life and temperament, Hugh knocked on the doors of the rehabilitation clinics, but it didn’t work for him.  However, along with all these, Hugh O’Connor never failed to follow his passion. He stepped into the glamourous world, and in no time, he shone as the era’s brightest stars. The audience started noticing him after he showcased his talent in the movie Brass as James Flynn in 1984. Additionally, from 1988 to 1994, he became part of the In the Heat of the Night series as mison.

Nonetheless, Hugh met his wife, Angela Clayton, on the sets of the series “In the Heat of the Night” as a wardrobe assistant. Since then, they walked together as a couple and tied the knot on 28th March 1992.

Sean’s Father’s Net Worth

At the age of 32, Hugh O’Connor shot himself on 28th March 1995 in Pacific Palisades, California, U.S. According to the autopsy report, cocaine was found in his blood.

At the time of his death, Hugh O’Connor had a net worth of around 5 million dollars.

Sean’s Net Worth

Is Sean’s mode of income known to anybody? The answer is no. Nobody has any idea about how he generates his income. That’s why it’s not possible to put forward any information about his net worth at this moment.


Sean Carroll O’Connor was just 2 years old when he lost his father. He must not have remembered how much time or months he had spent with his father. But he always had a tough time getting his father by his side whenever he craved him.


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