Third-Party Service Industries That Are Booming in 2023

The number of small businesses in Australia is growing after a mini depression caused by the multiple lockdowns and that is good news for a diverse range of service businesses. Outsourcing has become an essential strategy that enables small businesses to compete with larger companies and there are many sectors, including logistics support, IT & computing, commercial cleaning and a growing tech sector.

Supporting small businesses

The Australian government are focused on encouraging and supporting small businesses and with commercial equipment finance available from a leading Australian finance company, it is not difficult to set up a small service business. You might qualify for financial support from the government; check online for further information.


Courier companies and third-party logistics (3PL) providers manage the huge volume of products that are sold online; as online shopping became more popular, the 3PL sector grew to accommodate the rising number of e-commerce businesses. While this has had a strong impact on the retail industry, there are still stores that are doing well, as they have to slash their costs to compete with e-stores.

Technical logistics

Equipment such as ATMs, complex medical equipment, escalators, elevators and access control systems come under the umbrella of ‘white glove’ logistics. As old analogue systems are replaced with hi-tech equipment, this sector is growing exponentially.

Technical sector

Machine learning is better known as Artificial Intelligence, AI is going to transform our world on so many levels. Add to that the growing number of small businesses that require websites and you have a very busy sector, managed IT services. They offer web design, web hosting & administration, as well as cloud-based networks and LAN. Click here for an article on software licensing.

Competitive business arena

Whether office cleaning, laser printing or mobile app development, all sectors are highly competitive, which is great for the customer. Providers must offer excellent service to keep their customers happy and there are no lengthy contracts to tie their customers, it is very much a month-by-month agreement. If you are an a/c engineer who is unhappy at your current employment, why not set up your own small business selling and servicing climate control systems? As a one-man show, you should be able to undercut larger enterprises, which gets your foot in the door, so to speak.

Digital marketing

The SEO sector is growing to accommodate the rising number of SMEs that require a digital presence; this is a performance-based industry – check an agency’s client list to find out who works with them. Every small business should create a digital marketing plan, which an SEO agency can do on your behalf; this would include a section on social media and search engine optimisation and with ongoing work, your digital profile will grow.


Thanks to the ongoing advances in digital tech, the telecommunications industry is entering a new dimension of digital connectivity, namely the Metaverse, while video conferencing is very popular among large companies and corporations. Voice over Internet Protocol (VIP) enables audio and video to be transmitted via the Internet and with high bandwidth, literally hundreds of participants can collaborate in real-time. Governments use secure networks to host global webinars and the event would be handled by a managed IT services company.


Hackers are always looking for new methods to steal data, which is why every Australian business needs cyber security; Australian developers have created award-winning anti-virus software. If you would like your network defences assessed, contact a cyber-security agency and their team of ethical hackers will do their best to penetrate your network. If they are unsuccessful, you have nothing to worry about, yet if they do gain access, this loophole can be closed.

With the pandemic officially over, the future for the service industries looks rosy, as the economy slowly recovers.

If you have a service business idea, register the business with the Australian government and take out a business start-up loan. Create a dynamic business plan and with some investment, your new business will make its mark on the local community.




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