Top 5 Characters in Star Wars Acolyte

For the eager Star Wars fans ‘Star Wars: Acolyte’ is better than any ray of sunshine.

Though not much is revealed about the Acolyte. However, what we know and suspect is already keeping us on our toes.

The timeline of the series confirms that the Acolyte took place hundred years before the High Republic Era. Right a few hundred years before the Jedi Order was at its peak.

What We Know So Far?

Yet, it is the peace that keeps raising questions in the minds of the fans. Amid the calm silence in the Galaxy ‘Star Wars: Acolyte’ will uncover the sinister truth hidden in the darkness of the force.

It follows the journey of a young Jedi who will meet her master. They will overcome the increasingly menacing challenges together to keep up the good image of the Jedi Order.

Yet, this can only be confirmed with the release of the series.

Whether the story we expect is true or completely off its axis!

Have The Characters Been Revealed?

Do not expect something ordinary from the series. The Acolyte producers have warned the fans not to expect something predictable from the series. This story like The Mandalorian is a different one.

Additionally, according to the show makers Acolyte will take the entire Star Wars by a storm!

Not only will the fans see new and talented characters. The perspective of the series will shift many narratives.

The most surprising thing is that this time the ending might not be the good guys getting their ways. In fact the story is told from the lens of a villain.

Actually, there is a mixture of perspectives where the Acolyte will reveal the increasing power of the dark side and how the main character will sympathize yet challenge the ugly nature of the dark forces.

Who Could The Top 5 Characters Be?

As we prepare for the unexpected and hold our excitement on seeing the new cast.

It has also been disclosed that we should expect to see some familiar faces as well.

However, that is a discussion for later.

First, let’s take a curious look at the top 5 characters and the potential cast we will be seeing breathing life into these Star Wars Acolyte Characters.

1. The Main Jedi/ Non-Jedi

The main character of the series is set to be played by Amandla Stenberg. She will be leading the role of a Jedi or a Non Jedi character which is not confirmed yet.

The conflict is because the series ‘Acolyte’ has close association with the villainous side. Amandla will be uncovering the dark side story and will probably be playing a dark character. The makers have revealed that the story will reveal her antagonistic relationship with the force during her Padawan days and later.

2. The Jedi Master

There is no way you have not already heard of or seen the Squid’s Game. Then you must be familiar with the actor Lee Jung-jae. He will be playing the character of the Jedi master to the main character. Mainly he will be guiding and training his young Padawan.

That is why the character Lee Jung-jae will be strongly associated with Amandla Stenberg. You will spot him guiding and helping Amandla Stenberg personally.

3. The Noble Citizen

Another character that is revealed to be a complete mystery but is equally important is a High Republic Citizen. He may look like a mere citizen but is a navigator. He will learn to navigate and overcome the shocking challenges throughout the series.

Not only that but he will have non Jedi companions that he will end up mentoring as well. The character has unexpectedly been handed to the actor Manny Jacinto. Well known for his role in The Good Place sitcom.

4. An Alien Jedi

Though the species of the Alien Jedi as well as the journey is not confirmed by the producers. However, there will be an alien Jedi character who will be part human. The character is promised one big conformation scene with the main character as well as a leading role with the side characters. There will be a lead story and background reveal of the half Alien Jedi in the series.

The young and famous actress Dafne Keen is honored to play the role of the half alien Jedi.

5.  A Non Jedi Leader

The last character on our carefully put together list is a Non Jedi Leader who will be played by the character Jodie Turner-Smith. She would not be playing just any leader but a strong one with an influential grip. However, Jodie slipped out that her character will not be a Jedi yet will divulge in force matters.

So many fans suspect that she will probably be playing the character of the Nightsisters or a similar influential character.

Will There Be Previous Characters?

Not every face will be brand-new. Some long-gone Star Wars main characters are rumored to be the ones that carry the show on their shoulders. They will, of course, also make an appearance in the new season.

While Palpatine was still his apprentice, characters such as Darth Plagueis will make appearances. The Acolyte timeline is the best place to see Yoda and Yaddle at their heyday, along with other Darth characters!

The main idea is that characters from the Star Wars canon will make a reappearance. Characters from the Canon series that you are likely familiar with are the good and evil force.


Star Wars Acolyte has surely kept the fans on pins and needles with anticipation. However, the fans are waiting quite patiently because they believe in the quality of the story the characters and the producers will deliver.

Let’s see how close our speculations are to reality once the series are revealed. Also what twists the producers have kept for the eager fans!





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