Top Digital Marketing Strategies US Businesses Use in 2024

We are living in a digital world and for small and medium-sized business entities, that means generating a strong digital footprint and creating dynamic online marketing campaigns. Regardless of your industry, you can be sure that your rivals are using digital marketing agencies to create and manage online marketing campaigns, and with that in mind, here are some of the top digital marketing strategies that US companies are using in 2024.

  • Search Engine Optimization– SEO is the art of boosting a website’s rankings with Google’s search engine. Millions of US consumers use Google and other search engines to source products and services, so it makes perfect sense to optimise your site to improve your rankings within specific search terms. Good SEO starts with keyword research, you need to find out the most popular search terms that online consumers use when searching for your products. It might take a few months, but a top SEO agency could put your site on page 1 of the search results and with ongoing work, you can retain that top spot.
  • Email Marketing– If you thought email marketing was dead and buried, think again; talk to one of the top email marketing agencies and see what they have to say. The agency would typically first gather data which enables the team to put together an on-point email marketing plan that delivers the desired results. The agency carries out a free digital audit and this gives them the data they need to formulate an email marketing campaign. The agency puts together a proposal and should you be in agreement, the work can begin.
  • Web design– If you are far from happy with your current website, a top digital marketing agency can design, build, host and administrate your new platform. Your business website is your portal to the world and it should reflect your organization and what it stands for. A professional-looking website with fast page loading projects a winning image, plus your site should be all-device capable.
  • Social Media Marketing– SMM offers unlimited marketing potential; global platforms such as Facebook, X, Instagram and Tik-Tok are perfect for branding; identify target groups and aim your ads at these groups using the best digital platforms. Most small business owners simply don’t have the time to spend on social media, which is why you should approach a leading digital marketing agency. It doesn’t take a team of social media marketers long to generate a large Facebook following, which is great for branding and getting your message out there. Click here to learn more about local SEO.
  • Pay Per Click Advertising– Google Ads is the biggest PPC platform and if you want the best ROI, enlist the services of a top-rated digital marketing agency and let the experts work their magic. You pay an agreed sum to the advertiser for every click your ad receives, which is a win-win for all parties. There are many variables, which is why you need an agency to manage your campaigns; they understand the inner workings of Google and you get great results. Most digital marketing agencies tailor their services to suit the client’s business and with an ongoing budget, your brand will soon become a household name within your local community.
  • Link-building– Google likes links; internal, incoming, outgoing and a local US digital marketing agency can create many links to add to your online profile. Outreach blogging is one popular strategy to put inbound links onto the web. This involves writing blogs and inserting links to the client’s landing page; these short articles are posted on top-rated independent blogging sites.

If you make contact with a leading US digital marketing agency, they would do a digital audit to determine your online profile and this data lets them create a dynamic online marketing plan that involves all or some of the above. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can get by without online marketing; set aside a monthly budget and see your digital footprint grow.


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