Top Tips for Selling your Car in 2024

The second-hand car market in Australia is always busy, with buyers and sellers shaking hands and transferring ownership. If you have finally found a tasty upgrade and are looking to get the best price for your current ride, you have come to the right place, as we offer tips from seasoned pros. There are many digital platforms for buying and selling vehicles and we hope this article helps you get your asking price.

  • Car detail – If the vehicle is sound mechanically and the bodywork has no dings or scratches, send it in for a full detail that includes a deep clean for the interior upholstery. When a potential buyer gets in the car, you want them to be impressed, besides, you can add the detail cost to the price tag. Buy add-ons such as side window shadeunits that are tailored to the car and take pro-level images of the car from all angles, as these are the images to upload when listing the car. If the interior is leather, have it treated, if it is fabric, have it deep cleaned and pay attention to detail.
  • Car for cash websites – If you want a no-hassle sale, find a car for cash site and enter the make, year and registration, upload images and within minutes, hundreds of auto traders will be bidding and when you accept an offer, you pay the success fee and your money is transferred into your account. You won’t find an easier way to sell a car and sellers usually report they got their asking price when selling on a car for cash site.
  • Vehicle ownership– Of course, you and the seller would have to fill in the online forms and pay a small fee; most deals stipulate that this cost is split between the buyer and seller. If you use a car for cash company, they do everything for you, including transferring the ownership to the buyer, which eliminates any responsibility from the seller. Of course, you should not consider a vehicle that is not registered for obvious reasons, with perhaps the exception of a custom build.
  • Get maximum exposure – You need to list your car on many online auto brokers, which improves the chances of finding a buyer. Use a good quality SLR camera for the images and take as many as you can; you have more of a choice that way. It is important that you know the lowest figure that you will accept before you start negotiating. Here is an informative blog on signs your diesel enginemight need attention.
  • Prepare all bills, receipts and invoices– It is important to have this at hand, as the buyer would likely request to see maintenance documentation. Keep everything in a plastic folder, including ownership paperwork. Of course, you should prepare the owner’s manual; if it is online, send the buyer a link and they can validate that the car has been regularly serviced. Cars with full service history sell for top dollar, as they are in good condition.
  • Text description – Make sure that your words make sense and the paragraphs are readable. You could find someone online who would create the description, probably charge is $5. Highlight the best features and this will help users take the next step by making an offer.

It has never been easier to sell a used car; you have numerous digital platforms; a prestige or collector’s cars should be listed on special sites where the top dealers can be found. Present the car in its best light and be realistic with your price; if you want a quick sale, be prepared to drop your price. Don’t forget the vehicle ownership must be changed, which is relatively easy to do online.

Aside from digital listing platforms, you could create a Facebook post and pay to have it boosted. Join auto groups, which definitely gets you a larger audience. In fact, trying your social media accounts should be the first thing you do, as it doesn’t cost you anything.


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