What Can Your Chin Say About Your Health?

Having a double chin for many people is a big aesthetic problem. While it is usually connected to the excess of fat tissue, it can also appear while skinny. In any case, a double chin can carry some information about your health.

If you ask yourself the question: “why do I have a double chin when I’m skinny”, you should probably read this article. Let’s dive right into the topic and learn what your chin can say about your health.


Usually, when skinny people have a double chin, the fault lies in genetics. We are prone to carry fat/weight in particular areas of our bodies. Many people get extra fat around their waistline, others in their thighs, and others in the chin. If you have a perfect weight but still see a double chin, you are genetically more prone to gather fat in the jawline area.

Hormonal Imbalance

If you notice that you have a double chin, you might want to check out your hormones. If your thyroid is not working properly, or if you experience glucose and cortisol imbalances, fat will gather more around your neck area. The double chin can appear unexpectedly when you are a female approaching your 30s, when some hormonal imbalances and changes can be more common.

Being “skinny fat”

Are you skinny but have a double chin? Perhaps it is genetic, but maybe you are mistaking being skinny with having low weight? Some people can look skinny, but because of their diet or a lack of exercise, they might have too much fat compared to muscle mass. In this case, a double chin is extra fat that can be reduced by adjusting your diet and exercising more.

Lost Collagen/Aging

A double chin can be a sign of your skin losing elasticity. With age, we have less and less collagen in our skin. In effect, your jaw slowly sags, leaving an excess of skin on the bottom of your chin. In this case, you might consider incorporating anti-wrinkle treatments into your regimen, which offer immediate and noticeable results in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, along with adopting practices like mewing or face yoga to further enhance your skin’s elasticity.

Having Bad Posture

If you constantly slouch and don’t exercise, the muscles in your jaw and neck slowly get weaker. Jaw and neck muscles improve the natural elasticity of the skin, so when they are weak, your skin becomes more saggy, and a double chin can appear. So, your double chin can be a reminder that you should focus more on your posture and perform some exercises. Remember that posture and regular health activities have many more health benefits than reducing a double chin.



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