Why Did Getting an Eyebrow Transplant Change Your Life? 

Eyebrows are essential to our appearance, framing the eyes and providing balance to our facial features. Unfortunately, some people may experience thinning or loss of eyebrow hair due to various reasons such as genetics, overplucking, or medical conditions. Hair transplant surgery is a popular solution for those looking to restore their eyebrows. But do eyebrow transplants work? And can they grow long like regular hair? Let’s explore these questions in more detail.

Do Eyebrow Transplants Work?  

Yes, eyebrow transplants work and can provide a natural-looking solution for people with thinning or patchy eyebrows. The procedure involves:

  • Taking hair follicles from a donor area
  • Typically, the back of the scalp
  • Transplanting them onto the eyebrow area

The transplanted hairs will grow in their new location, providing fuller and thicker eyebrows. But before considering a hair transplant clinic, research the hair clinic’s reputation and results. You will get natural-looking results if you select a certified and reputed hair clinic. Many people suffering from hair loss considers Mittal Hair Clinic for eyebrow transplant as they have a top hair transplant surgeon.

Can Eyebrow Hair Grow Long?  

An eyebrow hair transplant is similar to a hair transplant. So, the hair that is transplanted into the eyebrow region will proceed to grow normally. The person’s hair growth cycle, however, will determine the length of the hair. Eyebrow hair may grow slowly because its development cycle is often shorter than scalp hair. Additionally, the hair can be cut or styled to match the person’s preferred brow shape. The transplanted hair growth you will experience after a few months after the eyebrow hair transplant. So, give yourself time to see the results.

Can Eyebrows Grow Back? 

Sometimes eyebrows will regrow naturally with time. The reason for the hair loss will determine how this works, though. For instance, if overplucking causes hair loss, the hair may normally regrow once the hair follicles have healed. However, if the reason for hair loss is medical issue or genetics, eyebrow hair may not grow back without intervention. If you are experiencing eyebrow loss that does not recover after medication or natural remedies, then in such cases, an eyebrow transplant can be an effective solution. But it would help if you considered a reputed and certified hair transplant clinic in London as London is technologically advanced.

Does Eyebrow Transplant Affect Eyes?  

The eyes or vision shouldn’t be affected by hair transplant surgery. Under local anaesthesia, the surgeon will take care to keep the region around the eyes clear. Patients may suffer some swelling or bruising around the brow after the procedure, but this should go away in a few days. So, you do not have to take stress because an eyebrow transplant does not affect your eyes in any way. If you want to restore your eyebrows just like natural ones and without experiencing any difficulties, then hire a professional and result-driven hair transplant clinic like Mittal Hair Clinic.


Repairing thinning or patchy eyebrows can be accomplished by eyebrow transplants. The newly implanted hairs will proceed to develop as normal hair would, giving rise to bigger and fuller eyebrows. The length of the hair can be cut or styled to fit the person’s preferred eyebrow shape, even if it may not grow as long as scalp hair. When carried out by a trained and experienced professional, the process should not impair the eyes’ or vision’s safety as they have performed the same treatment on a number of people, so you will get great results if you choose an experienced, trained and professional hair transplant surgeon like Dr Manish Mittal.


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