Unveiling the Mystery of Spotify Wrapped: Why Your Full Year Data Ends 31 Days from Today


As the year draws to a close, Spotify users eagerly anticipate the release of Spotify Wrapped, an annual tradition that reveals their most-streamed artists, songs, and genres of the year. However, there’s a hidden secret behind this year-end ritual – the data for Spotify Wrapped only includes activity from January 1 to October 31. In this article, we dive into the reasons behind this cutoff date and explore the fascinating world of Spotify Wrapped.

The Countdown to Spotify Wrapped

As the final months of the year approach, Spotify users are greeted with a sense of anticipation and curiosity. They eagerly await the colorful boxes that will declare their most-listened-to artists, podcasts, and music genres of the past year. This tradition, now known as Spotify Wrapped, has been a part of the streaming service’s year-end celebration since its inception in 2015.

Unveiling Your Listening Habits

Spotify Wrapped offers both free and premium users the opportunity to turn their listening data into social media posts. The app generates slides that showcase a user’s music habits over the year, including their top musical genres, most-played songs, and their top five podcasts. It’s a moment of revelation for many users, with some proudly sharing their lists, while others brace themselves for the possibility of discovering that they spent an astonishing 600 hours listening to the same early 2000s emo tracks.

Why Does the Data Stop at October 31?

The burning question on many users’ minds is: why does Spotify Wrapped data only include activity up to October 31? Brendan Codey, the associate director for Creator Growth and Programs at Spotify, shed light on this during an interview with Newsweek. He explained that the reason behind this cutoff is logistical.

Spotify needs time to compile the data and create the visual graphics for Spotify Wrapped. All of this must occur during a period when many Spotify staff members take time off for Thanksgiving. Codey emphasized that quality assurance and finalizing assets for Wrapped require a significant amount of time, especially when factoring in the Thanksgiving holiday.

User Requests and Feedback

While the cutoff date has been a point of discussion among Spotify users, one user submitted a request on Spotify’s Community forum to include data from November and December in the next year’s Spotify Wrapped. The idea was to “start it from November” if the data had to be prepared beforehand and the end date had to remain October 31st.

The submission received 216 votes from other users, highlighting the desire for extended data inclusion. However, Spotify closed the commenting and voting for this request, explaining that it did not seem likely to reach the necessary votes for prioritization.

Spotify’s Community guidelines stipulate that ideas should gather 180 votes within six months to be brought to the attention of the Spotify team. The company also considers ideas that receive over 500 votes in under 18 months.

When Will Spotify Wrapped Be Released?

One question that lingers in the minds of Spotify users is when this year’s Spotify Wrapped will be released. Spotify’s website does not specify a precise date, but historical patterns suggest a launch around December 1 or 2. Users can anticipate the exciting moment when they can discover and share their musical journeys with the world.


Spotify Wrapped has become a beloved year-end tradition for music enthusiasts. While users eagerly await the unveiling of their listening habits, the cutoff date of October 31 remains a subject of curiosity and discussion. Understanding the logistics behind this date provides insight into the intricacies of preparing Spotify Wrapped and why it captures data up until that day.

As the year progresses and the countdown to Spotify Wrapped begins, users can look forward to sharing their music stories with friends and reveling in the diverse sounds that have shaped their year.

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