All About Rebecca Vikernes, Personal Life and Net Worth

Rebecca Vikernes is one of the eight children of Norwegian writer and retired musician Varg Vikernes. Her father is proud of his children and always updates his Twitter when there is a new addition to the family. Rebecca’s date of birth is unknown, but her father mentioned that he had her when he was young, so she is probably in her late 20s or early 30s.

Her Father

Rebecca’s father was born in Bergen Hordaland, Norway, and narrates that when he was young, his father, a civil engineer, moved with them to Iraq, where he worked with Saddam Hussein. At the time, Varg had to study in one of the schools in Iraq because there were no English schools available.

While studying in Iraq, Varg Vikernes became aware of racism since his teachers would beat or slap other students in class but could not hit him because he was white.

Rebecca’s father started loving music when he was 12 years old and was inspired by Iron Maiden and their music style.

Music Career of Rebecca’s Father

At 14, Vikernes had already started playing the guitar, and at seventeen, he joined a band called Old Funeral and played the guitar with them for one year. He then moved out of the music group and started doing music solo while working on his project, Burzum. Rebecca’s father joined Mayhem, a black metal band, after one of its members had committed suicide.

Years later, Rebecca’s father quit music in the black metal genre, citing that he had come in contact with a loser, referring to Oystein, who didn’t care about other people’s views.

Rebecca’s Father’s Crimes

Rebecca Vikernes’ father was found guilty of burning several churches in Bergen, but in his defense, he said he was not responsible for the arson. In later interviews, Varg Vikernes claimed that one person did all church arsons, and it was not him.

In August 1993, Rebecca’s father went to Oystein Aarseth’s apartment and stabbed him. Varg ran from the crime scene but was arrested days later; they speculated that he killed him because he owed him money. However, Varg told the police that Aarseth wanted to kill him, so it was an act of defense.

Rebecca’s father mentioned that Aarseth, famously known as Euronymous, intended to use a meeting, ambush Varg, and torture him to death. Necrobutcher, a Mayhem bassist, supported Vikernes’s claims, but the judge did not believe him. In May 1994, after trial, Rebeecca’s father was sentenced to 21 years in prison for five charges, including the murder of Euronymous

While in prison, Varg continued his music career and released several songs. He was released from prison after serving 15 years of his term.

Social Media

So little is known about Rebecca Vikernes, and no accounts relating to her have been found on any social media platforms. However, her father is active and uses them to entertain his followers. He is particularly active on Twitter, where he sometimes posts pictures of his beautiful large family.

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