Know All About Artur Dugin: His Parents, Wife, Career, Net Worth, and More.

Artur Dugin is the son of Russian political analyst, philosopher, and strategist Aleksandr Dugin. His mother is Evgenia Debryanskaya, a Russian activist. Artur was named after Arthur Rimbaud, a French poet and writer who influenced modern literature and arts but died at a young age due to bone cancer.

Artur Dugin is the firstborn in a family of two children. However, his younger half-sister, Darya Dugina, was murdered on August 20, 2022, in a car bombing that targeted her father, Aleksandr Dugin. Artur’s sister was a journalist and supported the Russian Invasion of Ukraine in 2022.

Career and Net Worth

Artur Dugin is a rock musician but has not revealed information on which bands he is affiliated with. His music has not been on the internet for the netizens to listen to; he is probably performing in clubs and on major occasions. Artur also supports his father in his political endeavors.

It is unclear what Artur Dugin’s net worth is, but he is financially stable, given his father’s influence, and can support his family. His father’s net worth is approximately 5 million US dollars.

Personal Life

In his personal life, Artur Dugin is married but has not revealed his wife’s name. He is also a father, but the exact number of his children is unknown. Some sources have noted that he has a daughter, but it is unclear if he has any other kids.

His Father

Artur Dugin’s father was born into a military family, but his father left when he was young. Despite his departure, he ensured Aleksandr Dugin had good standards of living. Artur’s father was often caught on the wrong side of the law, and his father helped him out occasionally. He co-founded the National Bolshevik Party, which supported National Bolshevism but later left the party.

Artur’s father is the publisher of Foundations of Geopolitics, a book that significantly influences the Russian military, foreign policy elites, and police. The book was well received mainly by influential Russian political figures, and they took an interest in Aleksandr Dugin.

Aleksandr Dugin developed the ideology of neu-Eurasianism, founded the Eurasia Party in 2002, and continued writing books that espoused his ideology, including The Fourth Political Theory. Artur Dugin’s father greatly influences Russia’s president Vladimir Putin and the Russian political space. Some say he influences Russia’s foreign policy, while others say his influence is exaggerated.

Artur Dugin’s father was and still believes that Russia should expand its territories; in 2008, he supported Russia when they were fighting Georgia, and they “liberated” South Ossetia from it. Dugin noted that Russia should not stop at South Ossetia; instead, they should do the same in Ukraine and try reclaiming Crimean land, which they say is historically Russia’s.

Social Media

Despite being a celebrity kid, Artur Dugin is very secretive and does not like to be in the spotlight. Just like his father, he is not active on social media platforms. Artur is neither on Instagram, Facebook, nor Twitter.


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