Twanna Turner Melby, Personal Life and Net Worth

Twanna Turner Melby is a celebrity daughter who is enjoying the popularity and professional success of her father, Ike Turner, who was a great American musician and songwriter. He is dead today but his kids are enjoying his legacy.

Today, let us tell you all about Twanna Turner Melby covering her early childhood, parents, siblings, education, profession, net worth, and all other details that you might be interested to find out.

Personal life

Born in 1959 in the USA to Margaret Ann Thomas and Ike Turner, Twanna Turner Melby is a 63-year-old American celebrity daughter. Since she is the daughter of rich parents, she had a wonderful childhood. Speaking of her love life, it is a mystery. Since she is already 63, it is pretty sure that Twanna Turner Melby must have gotten married if she had found the love in her life. However, there is no confirmed confirmation available on the married life of Twanna Turner Melby.

Parents and siblings

Twanna Turner Melby is the lovely daughter of Ann Thomas and Ike Turner. Whether her parents got married or she was born out of wedlock is not known because the father of Twanna Turner Melby was known to have romantic relationships with every other girl during his young age. In fact, he is said to have been married as many as 14 times in his life. This is the reason that very little information is available on the mother of Twanna Turner Melby personally as well as professionally. If you talk about her father, you already know that he was a great musician by profession.


With the fact that Twanna Turner Melby is already 63 years old, we can say that she might have embraced motherhood if she was interested in having a family.

Education and profession

It’s not just the personal life of Twanna Turner Melby that is a secret but her educational and professional background is also a mystery to the public. The stunning lady has maintained complete silence over these things.

Reason for the popularity of Twanna Turner Melby

Of course, it’s the father of Twanna Turner Melby who makes her popular. Despite the fact that her father is dead today and was not much active in the media when he was alive, he had earned such stardom that his name is alive even today and his kids are known because of him only.

Net worth of Twanna Turner Melby

To find out the net worth of Twanna Turner Melby, we need to have information about her profession. Since it is not known to the public, the net worth of Twanna Turner Melby can’t be estimated either. However, Twanna Turner Melby is a fortunate lady who enjoyed all sorts of luxury in her life. All thanks to her father, Ike Turner, who left a giant net worth of around 500 thousand when he died.


Twanna Turner Melby is a daughter of a popular celebrity but never shows off her life unnecessarily. She lives her life like ordinary people and maintains privacy in her personal life.

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