The Story of Actor Fred Dryer’s Daughter: Caitlin Nell Dryer

Caitlin Nell Dryer, born on April 12, 1984, is the daughter of American actor Fred Dryer and his ex-wife Tracy Vaccaro.  Caitlin’s parents are well-known in the entertainment industry; her father was an American NFL player before turning into acting. Fred Dryer is famous for starring in the television series Hunter alongside Stepfanie Kramer, Lauren Lane, and Darlanne Fluegel.

Caitlin’s mother, on the hand, is a well-known actress and some of her film and television credits include Cries of Silence, Hunter, and Ring of Honor.

Personal Life

In her personal life, Caitlin did get to see her father often when she was young since her parents had divorced, and she moved in with her mother. However, she was not the only child since her mother gave birth to another child in her second marriage.

Regarding her love life, Caitlin Nell Dryer is married to Jason Padgett, an American actor, and producer. The lovely couple tied the knot at a private ceremony held at Fairmont Miramar garden in Santa Monica in October 2006. Family and some friends attended the ceremony. Caitlin and her husband, who have stayed in the marriage for over 15 years, are blessed with four children.

Her Children

Caitlin Nell Dryer is a proud mother of two boys and two girls. Emma Bo Padgett and Elle Gray Padgett are the older children. The other two are Freddy Gains and Caide, who are the youngest.  Caitlin had not made it public when her four kids were born; however, her last-born child was born in May 2013.

Professional Career and Net Worth

Despite both her parents being in the entertainment industry, Caitlin Nell Dryer took a different path in her career choice. She chose to do a career off the public eye, and she is probably working in another career with details she has kept to herself.

It is hard to estimate her net worth as Caitlin Nell Dryer has not revealed how much she earns. Nevertheless, her husband is an actor and producer; they can support the family’s financial needs with his salary.

Caitlin Nell Dryer’s Parents

Caitlin Nell Dryer’s parents met in the early 1980s at Hugh Hefner’s mansion, they started dating, and in 1983 the couple wedded. They were blessed with a daughter, Caitlin Nell Dryer, a year later. Fred was mostly away from home, as he spent the most time on set working on films and television shows.

Tracy filed for divorce, saying that Caitlin’s father was not at home; their divorce was finalized in 1988. Caitlin’s mother remarried actor Peter Brown with whom she had a relationship before marrying Fred Dryer. Tracy and Brown were blessed with a child in 1989. On the other hand, it is unclear if Fred remarried or remained single.

Fred got to see his daughter a few times after their divorce, but he was always there on her important days, for instance, at her wedding.

Social Media

Even though Caitlin Nell Dryer is a celebrity daughter, she prefers to lead a normal life off the public and away from social media. For that reason, she is not active on social media platforms.


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