All You Need to Know About Robyn Brown’s Youngest Child, Ariella Mae Brown

Ariella Mae Brown is the youngest daughter of American television personality Robyn Brown. She was born on January 10, 2016, and as of 2023, she is seven years old. Ariella Mae is the fifth child of her mother but the eighteenth of her father, Kody Brown. Some of her siblings are grown-ups.

When Ariella Mae Brown was born, her parents’ fans started raising issues about the young celebrity kid. Others were concerned about why Kody and Robyn Brown sired a child and were both bad at parenting.

Ariella’s Parenting Controversy

Ariella Mae Brown’s parents shared a clip in which they were talking about their daughter’s sleeping pattern. For most of their fans, it sounded ridiculous how you would let your child choose the time they will go to sleep. The fans concluded that Ariella’s parents raised their child incorrectly and should have sorted out the sleeping issue early.

Some of their fans commented that a child could not choose whatever she wanted since she would become an awful teenager. Most of the couple’s fans advised them to take their child for a medical check-up since her sleeping habit was not normal.

Educational Background

A video that Ariella Mae Brown’s parents posted mentioned that she had just started going to school, as it was her first day in kindergarten. Though they were scared for her since sometimes she could be up all night long ad would find it hard to wake up to go to school.

Given her parents’ financial status, Ariella Mae Brown must be attending the best kindergarten school in her neighborhood. Someday, Ariella would be done with grade school, join a good high school, and, finally, a great college to pursue a career of her choice.

Ariella Brown’s Parents

Ariella’s parents star in an American reality series called Sister Wives, which revolves around the lives of Kody Brown and his four wives. However, Kody says that he has always been married to one wife at a time as per the law; he says that the others are spiritual wives, having divorced one when he was together with the other.

The Sister Wives show started in 2010 and has been about Ariella’s family; how they live and interact. The show tries to show that polygamous families work and should be accepted in society.

Gwendlyn Brown, one of the siblings of Ariella Mae Brown, commented that Robyn Brown did not trust the other mom’s children, Christine, Meri, and Janelle. However, despite the struggles that come with a big family, they are still together and often celebrate each other achievements.

When Ariella’s large family gathers, some members often avoid specific people.

Social Media

Ariella Mae Brown is not active on social media platforms but given her parents parenting, they would probably open social media handles for her and let her have the phone all the time, even at night. Besides, Ariella’s mother is active on Instagram, sharing pictures of her family and her reality show.



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