Candeur Crescent Review

I have secured a placement in Hyderabad, and since my family and I live together, I have been searching for the ideal luxurious apartment. However, considering affordability, I have been eager and selective in my search. In today’s modern world, the traditional methods of finding apartments no longer prove effective. Therefore, I have decided to use the services of NoBroker. Thanks to this platform, I found a great place to live at Candeur Crescent. It was not only affordable but also fulfilled all of my requirements. The residential complex spans 5.5 acres and offers a variety of 3BHK apartments with different square footage ranging from 1537 to 2656 sqft. Candeur Crescent offers affordable prices starting from ₹1.39 Crores due to its meticulous design and construction. Each unit combines contemporary elegance with domestic facilities, providing an excellent living experience. I could digitally experience and understand the apartment through the Candeur Crescent Review.

Some of the Candeur Crescent Amenities I Loved

Candeur Crescent is renowned for its luxurious and innovative lifestyle. As a member of a joint family, I searched for facilities and amenities suitable for all age groups, and Candeur Crescent proved to be a perfect choice.

  • From music concerts to outdoor dance programs and theatre dramas to stand-up comedy, you can now rejoice in their community hall.
  • Candeur Crescent offers a range of unique facilities, including a Club House, Cycling & Jogging Track, and Private Terrace/Garden.
  • The structure is a shear wall-framed building designed to withstand wind and earthquake forces.
  • Each bathroom is constructed with a grid ceiling to conceal all service lines.
  • They provide provisions for both LPGand PNG with a piped gas system.
  • RRC shear wall-framed structure, retained to wind and earthquake.
  • Water treatment plant specifically designed for bore-well water.
  • The property offers a variety of unique features, including a business centre, creche, preview theatre, perennial garden, EV charging point, and outdoor gym.

3 Reasons why I Will Recommend Buying a Property in Candeur Crescent

1. Candeur Crescent Amenities

At Candeur Crescent, you can indulge in a wide range of top-notch amenities and facilities that greatly enhance your lifestyle. These include a fully-equipped gym, a swimming pool, convenient car parking spaces, a beautiful garden, indoor and outdoor sports areas, a convenient lift, a spacious community hall, a well-appointed clubhouse, a delightful children’s play area, a relaxing spa, and much more. The interior and exterior facilities have been carefully constructed, incorporating some of the finest elements to enhance the overall experience of the residents.

2. Candeur Crescent Price

The first thing everyone checks for is the price, and this apartment is the right choice because it is reasonably priced and offers great value. It provides all the amenities you need, yet the price is comparatively affordable. Another advantage is the easy access to loans, which are available with the help of banks.

3. Candeur Crescent Location Benefits

We moved to the city to work and stay close to our workplace. Candeur Crescent was the right choice because it was only a few kilometres away from my workplace and had other location benefits such as Lingampally Railway Station is 1.9 km, Vijayasree Hospital is 2.7 km, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Public School, BHEL is just 3.5 km and GSM Mall & Multiplex 4.3 km away.

4. Reputation of Candeur Constructions

Candeur Constructions, founded in 2013 and a reputable construction company with a 10-year track record, has successfully established a footprint that includes villas, business centres, and apartments. As they advance into the future, they continue to uphold their commitment to delivering authentic, high-quality products to their consumers.


Candeur Crescent is the greatest decision I have ever made due to its proximity to my place of employment, adjacent reputable institutions, and strategically constructed facilities to meet all my requirements. Candeur Crescent Price is in line with my budget, I am extremely pleased with my decision to research about properties on and many of the other Candeur Crescent reviews sped up my decision-making process and dispelled all my doubts.

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