Meet Dolly Parton’s Brother: Coy Denver Parton

Coy Denver Parton is the older brother of legendary country music singer and songwriter Dolly Parton. His sister is also a businesswoman, philanthropist and actress. Coy was born into a family of twelve children; he has five brothers and six sisters though some have died.

Early Life

Coy Denver Parton was born on August 16, 1943, as the third child in a family of twelve. His parents were Robert Lee Parton Sr and Avie Lee Caroline. They were poor, but her father did multiple jobs to provide for his large family; he was a sharecropper and owned a small tobacco farm. Coy’s father also worked in a construction company.

Despite how poor his family was, they were happy, sang together and believed in God. Coy’s mother was often in poor health but cared for her big family.

Personal Details

Coy Denver Parton has kept a low profile; little is known about his wife, children and grandchildren. His other siblings have been active in music and other business, but Coy and his other three siblings have stayed away from the spotlight. It is unclear what Coy did to earn a living, but at least he escaped the shackles of poverty they faced growing up.

His Sister

Coy’s sister was motivated by her family’s poverty and her mother’s strength to start her music career. In her early music, she sang about her family’s poverty. Given she was actively involved in the church choir, Dolly started singing as a child; she performed on local television and radio shows.

Upon completing high school, at Sevier County High School, Coy’s sister moved to Nashville to pursue a music career. She started as a songwriter achieving success with Combine Records. Dolly Parton worked with Bill Owens, a songwriter and her uncle, and they wrote several hit songs, including Put It Off Until Tomorrow by Bill Phillips.

At 19, Coy Denver’s sister released some of her songs, but most did not do well; at the time, she was signed to Monument Records. She wanted to venture into country music, but the record label resisted; they allowed her to make country music after a song she had written for Bill Phillips did well.

Coy’s sister released her first country music album, Hello, I’m Dolly, in 1967. She achieved success in the country music genre in the late 1960s. Over the years, she has become an icon in the music industry, given how successful she has been. Even in the wake of Covid-19, Dolly continued making music and impacting many people’s lives.

Coy’s sister was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2022. Dolly is also a philanthropist, and in 2020 she gave some of her funds to aid in developing of covid vaccines.

Net Worth of Coy Denver’s Sister

Coy Denver’s sister is among the wealthiest country music artist. She has a net worth of 650 million dollars; Dolly has made her fortune through her career as a songwriter and singer. Besides, she is also a businesswoman and has ventured into several businesses, contributing to her wealth.

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