What You Should Know About Debra Scibetta

Debra Scibetta is the ex-wife of former American mobster Sammy Gravano. She was born in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, New York City, to her parents; her mother was a housewife while her father was an electrical engineer and worked for a telephony company based in Manhattan, New York City.

Debra Scibetta had two siblings, a sister named Diane and a younger brother called Nicholas Scibetta. The Gambino crime family murdered her brother, but his body was never found.

Personal Life

Debra Scibetta met Sammy Gravano in the 1970s, and they wed in 1971; the couple had two children, Gerard and Karen. In 1978 when her brother disappeared, Debra Scibetta was devastated by the loss; besides it, only a dismembered arm of him that was found. Debra’s husband was involved in her brother’s disappearance, but she did not know about it until the 1990s.

When Debra Scibetta realized that her husband was involved in the death of her only brother, she filed for divorce, and by 1996 they were separated. After the divorce, Debra moved away from Arizona with her two kids to raise them away from her husband and criminal activities.

Life After Divorce

Debra Scibetta concentrated on caring for her two kids; however, in the late 1990s, she was involved in some criminal activities, which led to her arrest in February 2000. Debra Scibetta was involved in federal cases and pleaded guilty; she was put on probation for several years. Debra has avoided legal trouble and seems to lead a private life with her children and grandchildren.

Her Ex-Husband

Debra’s ex-husband started involving in criminal activities when he was young; he joined a street gang in her neighborhood when he was 13. He was often involved in street fights; on one occasion, he was involved in a row after some individuals had taken his bicycle; Sammy fought them until he got his bike back.

While in school, Debra’s ex-husband did poorly and was often bullied. Besides, he had several indiscipline cases leading to his expulsion. Sammy Gravano served in the army for two years, after which he returned to his hometown and continued with criminal activities. Debra’s ex-husband joined the Colombo family and was involved in loansharking, armed robbery, theft, and racketeering.

Sammy Gravano’s crimes changed from robbery into murder in the 1970s, as he was involved in the murder of Joseph Colucci. After a conflict erupted in the Colombo crime family, Debra’s ex-husband had to leave and join a different family; he joined the Gambino crime family in the 1970s.

Witness Protection and Later Life

While with the Gambino crime family, Debra’s ex-husband committed several murders. However, he entered witness protection in the 1990s after pleading guilty to several murder cases and offering to testify against the Gambino crime family. He was sentenced to four years in prison, and in 1994 he was released.

Debra’s ex-husband has since changed, and he even has a podcast and a YouTube Channel. Upon his release, Sammy Gravano started involving in criminal activities, was arrested, and spent some time in jail, and now he is a changed man.

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