Dana Lavette Cody, All You Need to Know About the Reality Star

Dana Lavette Cody is the wife of George Teichner, an accountant and the father of reality star Aviva Teichner. She was born on June 21, 1988, in Miami, Florida; however, her parents are dead. Her mother, Angela Page, helped her establish her nail salon Tippie Toes Beauty Lounge, before she passed away.

Career and Net Worth

Dana Lavette Cody is a businesswoman and a reality star. She starts in her reality series called Boss Nails. The show also features her staff, who try to provide nail-art services to their unique clients. As a businesswoman, she has owned Tippie Toes since she was 18. She is also the Chief Executive Officer of  Cody Enterprises, a transportation company, and Bukunmi Essentials, which manufactures organic skin care products.

Dana has created her wealth through business and as a reality star. When her parents died, they also left some properties in her name. Her net worth is approximately 50 million dollars.

Personal Life

Regarding her personal life, Dana Lavette Cody met George Teichner in early 2014 and married later that year. They have been together for nearly a decade, and Dana sometimes posts pictures of them together on her Instagram page. Dana loves the Nigerian culture, and she often involves herself in their events and ceremonies every time she visits the country.

People also claimed that Dana Lavette Cody was a lesbian, which she denied. While defending her sister on golddigger claims, Derrick mentioned the issue of lesbianism, but he did not mention whether his sister was one of them.

Controversies Around Dana Cody’s Marriage

When news broke on the internet, most people started saying that Dana Cody was marrying George Teichner just because of his money. To most people who said that she was a golddigger, their reason for saying so was that there was no way one would marry someone with an age difference of over 50 years.

Despite all the rumors that surfaced on the internet, Dana decided to marry George. Dana’s brother Derrick also came to his sister’s rescue, saying that Dana was not after anyone’s money. Derrick also mentioned that even if his sister never needed to work, she did. Furthermore, she owned a nail spa, and her parents were well off, so she was used to having money.

While dating George Teichner, Dana visited his daughter Aviva and spent time together with her kids, and they loved her. For Aviva, it was okay for her father to marry whoever he wanted as long as he was happy. She also noted that she was looking forward to seeing Dana Lavette Cody at Real Housewives of New York City.

Despite giving the green light for her father to marry Dana Cody, Aviva never showed up at the couple’s wedding.

Social Media

Like other reality stars, Dana Lavette Cody is active on social media platforms, where she posts pictures and videos for her fans to comment on her personal life. She is more active on Instagram, where her handle is @danacodyexperience.

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