Finding Affordable Gems: Cheap Apartments for Sale in Dubai’s Real Estate Market

A Gem is loosely defined as a precious item, something of value that is hard to procure and expensive in worth. When the word Gem is mentioned, it applies to stones and pearls. However, more gems may still need to be stoned. If you are acquainted with property sourcing across the United Arab Emirates, you will understand that cheap apartments in Dubai for sale are great gems too! That is because there are even more expensive and highly priced real estate items in the country; talk more in Dubai.

2023 Overview

The topography of the Dubai real estate market in 2023 is addressed to the wealthy alone, leaving the average earners and lower class out of the equation. Following the trend, you may find apartments traded at millions of dirhams and hundreds of thousands of dollars. As a low-income earner, your hopes of owning a home may be dashed at the high prices in Dubai. 

You can utilize this data personally or refer them to people you know need them. To get the full gist, go ahead and check various official websites or other sources – you will find many amazingly collected info.

Hacks to Search for Cheapest Housing in Dubai

In your search for affordable and cheap properties, the first step is to know where those types of properties can be found. This means knowing where to look and how to pry beyond the expensive category often pervaded on the internet to see the affordable ones that are not marketed for obvious reasons – because the profits are not as high as the companies want. You can infer from the previous paragraph that these buildings exist but are deliberately un-marketed for a reason. More so, some of those properties are often owned by private individuals and not necessarily real estate companies. So, here is a breakdown of how to search for the cheapest housing in Dubai:

    1. Check and read more on the available units. The Emirates website is a great place to start because it is an aggregator’s website that allows you to see all property listings from multiple sources worldwide. You will enjoy a variety of options, prices, types, and sizes on the website, and you can quickly survey the least expensive areas by using the website. Try other online options to broaden your reach. The internet may hold the key to your property searches as it can make your walk more accessible.
    2. If you are onsite, go for the property not marketed on the Internet. If you are already in Dubai, that is excellent news for you because you have the advantage of proximity. You will achieve a lot by physically searching in your province or choice city. The best way to find the offline properties is to search offline. Ask your friends and colleagues, talk to your servers at a restaurant, and put the word out there that you are searching for an apartment. You will be shocked to discover that the most undermarketed units are quickly sold out because they are more affordable and hardly ever make it to the internet.
  • Hunt for private properties over company/estate-owned properties. Furthermore, it will benefit you more when you go for a property directly from the house owner privately. These people want to sell their property; they often put out the exact price and fees, while estate companies will factor in administrative costs, marketing costs, agency costs, and a long list of costs that keep their establishment afloat.

Budget Flexibility is a Key Factor

It is critical for you to put this in mind. Having a more flexible budget will not make you buy more expensive items. Instead, it will enable you up your budget to carry a better-valued property where it comes along your way. With a flexible budget, you can accept something new, which, although slightly higher in price, may have more resale value. 

Final words

Always remember that it is not always about the money but the value – if it is within the range, buy it.


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