Every Detail on Fred Samara Jr

Fred Samara Jr is the father of Nathan Kane Mathers, an actor, rapper, and DJ. Nathan is also the young half-brother of famous rapper Eminem. Fred Samara Jr had his son Nathan with Debbie Mathers after a brief relationship; however, Fred was not present in his son’s life as he bailed out on him.

Nathan mentions that his mother was crazy and had mental health issues which might be why Fred Samara Jr divorced her.

Life After Separating with Nathan’s Mother

After separating from Debbie Mathers, Fred Samara Jr continued with his life, but he lived privately, and it is unclear if he married and had any other kids. However, something that is for sure is that he disappeared from the life of his son, who had to be raised by his older brother as his legal guardian.

His Son

Nathan mentions that living with his mother was tough as he was cruel to him, and he described her as crazy. When he turned 16, he moved out of his mother’s house and went to live with his brother. Fred’s son was often picked at and bullied while in school, and when his mother tried to intervene, the school blamed Debbie for how her son was treated.

Regarding his career, Nathan tried rapping like his brother, his idol, but it did not work. He released a few songs, including Touch Ya Body, I’m not Asking, and Slide on Over, but they didn’t do well. Fred’s son has also acted; some of his projects include Devil’s Night Dawn of The Nain Rouge.

Fred’s son is also a DJ and an entrepreneur; he ensures his children’s needs are met.

Fred’s Son’s Personal Life

In his romantic life, Fred’s son is married to his longtime girlfriend, Ashley Mae; they met in 2001 and became friends. They later started dating, and the couple had three children, a daughter and two sons. Nathan and his girlfriend married in Miami Beach, Florida, on May 7, 2018. The beautiful ceremony was attended by their close friends and family, including their three children.

His Son’s Net Worth and Social Media Presence

Fred’s son is not as famous as his brother Eminem, and it is hard to tell the net worth of an infamous person. But he has worked as an entrepreneur,  DJ, and actor and made some good money to provide for his family. On the other hand, his brother Eminem has made a lot of wealth through his music career.

Fred Samara’s son is active on social media, mainly on Instagram and Twitter. Nathan likes posting pictures of himself and his family for his over 85k followers on Instagram.

Whereabouts of Fred Samara Jr

It is not clear what Fred Samara Jr is up to or where he is, but after he bailed out on his son, Nathan had to cut any links with him; he even changed his last name from Samara to Mathers. Besides, it is unclear if he is alive since none of the Mathers talk about him.

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