All About Matthew Raymond-Goodman

Matthew Raymond-Goodman is the husband of Brandon Kyle Goodman, an American actor, activist, and writer. The couple has been married since 2019 in a colorful event attended by their families and friends on January 11, 2019.

Personal Life

Matthew Raymond-Goodman has had it tough growing up, given that he is different from others. However, he realized that one has to deal with whatever situations; despite his challenges, he has stayed strong. Matthew met Brandon in the early 2010s, and they became best friends before becoming lovers.

Matthew and Brandon have been together for more than eight years, and they continue to love each other more. They often share pictures of each other on their Instagram accounts, from which you can tell they care and love each other.

Matthew has not revealed much information about his family, but his mother is called Pattie Quinn Raymond. He has a brother named Nick Raymond, but the names of his father are unknown. Matthew has a dog named Korey and loves posting it on his Instagram handle.

Educational Background and Career

Matthew Raymond-Goodman has studied up to the college level. In 2021 he applied for grad school to pursue his passion. He has always wanted to be a therapist, and after he completed his studies, he started working as a mental health intern in an LGBT center in Los Angeles, California.

Matthew is doing his best to advocate for the LGBT community, and he felt the best way to do so is by becoming a therapist. So he is a Life Coach and offers his services without discrimination.

His Husband

Matthew’s husband has acted in some films, but he mentions that getting acting roles was challenging because of his sexual orientation. However, he has had a significant role in Big Mouth and Human Resources series. His other projects include Feel the Beat, Plus One, and Modern Love. Besides acting, Brandon Kyle is also a writer, and his book You Gotta Be You was published in 2022.

In his book, Matthew’s husband encourages people to embrace who they are and be free. It is majorly directed at people who have struggled to be accepted into society. Brandon mentions that friends deserted him when he identified himself as gay. However, he says he is lucky that his family has his back and a few others, including Matthew Raymond-Goodman, his husband.

Net Worth of Matthew’s Husband

The exact net worth of Brandon Kyle Goodman is unknown, but given his roles in some shows, he must have earned some money. Besides, he has made some cash from his book sales, and judging from the pictures he posts on his social media pages; he must be financially stable.

Social Media

Matthew Raymond-Goodman is active on social media, particularly on Instagram, which he uses to advocate for the rights of the LGBTQ community. His Instagram handle is @matthew_raymond18, and he has over 3k followers. On his Instagram bio is a link to his website Liberated Living, a safe space he created for gay people.

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