How to Intern Abroad in Australia After you Graduate

Erin Honigman

Not sure what to do now that you’ve graduated from university? You might be considering travel or even doing an internship before settling down into a long term career. Good news: you can do both simultaneously by landing a great position at an internship abroad.  

If you’re considering a gap year or an internship abroad, there’s no better place to do it than in Australia. Not only will you gain valuable professional experience, but you’re bound to make unforgettable memories along the way. Keep reading and find out how you can start your international journey in Australia today. 

Why intern in Australia?

Undertaking an international internship, both paid or unpaid, is a great way to gain valuable experience in your field and to build connections and networks. And there’s an added bonus: once you’re ready to apply for a job at home, having international experience will make your resume stand out from your competition. 

So, why should you choose Australia for your internship abroad? To start, the shared English language will allow you to ease your way into a new work culture (although you will definitely have to brush up on some local slang). There are also significant financial benefits. Australia has a strong economy and high quality of living, so you’ll make a decent amount at a paid internship. Even if you have an unpaid job, you might be given a travel stipend or you can pick up a part time job for extra spending money. The current minimum wage in Australia is $19.84 AUD per hour (about $14.25 USD), so that’s a lot of cash.

Other reasons to choose Australia include the friendly people, the laid-back lifestyle, and the beautiful weather. The country’s mild climate lends itself to endless sightseeing and weekend trips. You’ll never get tired of the stunning nature and unique wildlife you’ll find in Australia. 

How to Intern in Australia 

So, how can you land your dream internship in Australia? One of the first steps is to ask your university for advice. Your university likely has a study abroad advisor with some connections in Australia, so he or she can lead you in the right direction. However, there are other routes you can take to find a suitable internship in Australia. 

You can apply to an internship through a program that will streamline and simplify the entire hiring and visa process for a fee. Australian Internships has more than twenty years of experience in providing internships to international students. Using our services will help you to find your perfect internship opportunity. Another benefit is that you’ll be paired with a supervisor throughout the duration of your internship. He or she can help you with your visa and any problems that may arise abroad.  

Make Sure You Are Eligible 

Before you get too excited about your internship possibilities double check that you meet the general requirements to get hired and obtain a work visa. Most companies only hire interns between the ages of 18 and 30. You need to have graduated or be currently enrolled in University. (Good news for students: an internship in Australia can count toward academic credit). You should also be a native English speaker or have upper intermediate to advanced English speaking skills. 

Check Out Your Options 

Ideally, an internship will help you to advance your future career, and most people choose one related to their degree. However, you might choose to intern in something else that interests you, like to your hobbies or c areer curiosities. Whatever you choose, an internship in any field will boost your hireability and increase your workplace knowledge, making it a great addition to your resume. 

Luckily, Australia has internships available in just about every field imaginable. You might find yourself working in business Coaching,  business or finance in one of the top companies in Sydney, with wildlife in the country, or even helping with a non-profit organization. The specific location of your job requires some flexibility, as it is entirely dependent on the field you are applying to. Here’s a deeper look into some of the fields that you might apply for.

  • Business and Finance Business and finance in Australia is truly unique. Because of its geographical makeup, Australia is isolated from Asia. However, it’s still aligned with the Asian market. An internship in business or finance will likely put you in a fast paced work environment in one of Australia’s most populated cities.

  • Hospitality The hospitality industry is an important facet of the Australian economy, and experienced candidates might apply for a position in the food and beverage industry. Whether you work as a chef or front of house, you’ll gain valuable hospitality experience.

  • Marketing and Human Resources You’ll definitely increase your skills in your field if you apply for a marketing or human resources internship in Australia. Whether you’re working for a sports company, or for one of Australia’s 50,000 registered non-profit organizations, the high energy job will never bore you.

  • Education You might be surprised to learn the TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) market in Australia is quite strong. Globalization and the booming economy has led to Australia being one of the most popular places for business. That means families from all over the world move to Australia for work and contribute to the country’s diversity. As a result, TEFL is a booming market, and teachers are certainly needed and also known as esl certification

Make Your Application Stand Out

Because Australia is so popular for internships, you’ll want to make your application stand out in order to find the perfect position for you. You can do that by taking an online course or obtaining a certificate in your preferred industry. Most companies want to see that you have some background and prior knowledge before they take you on as an intern, so if you didn’t major in your preferred area, a certificate is a good option. 

For example, if you’re interested in a business internship, you can show that you’re up on the current trends by taking a course in business technology. The global coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation of business, and more and more workplaces are moving online. Technological knowledge and the ability to successfully navigate the digital workplace is essential.

If you’re interested in teaching,  taking an online course will help you to feel prepared before you go to Australia. The TEFL Org is one company that offers a wide variety of online English courses and certificates, including business English.Prepare Your Visa

The last step before boarding the flight to Australia is to prepare your visa. Luckily, an internship placement program will help you with the entire process to ensure that you can work legally. It’s important to note that you can only obtain a work visa for Australia once, and before you turn thirty, so think carefully before deciding when you want to go. 

Most nationalities will qualify for a Work and Holiday Visa, either subclass 462 or 417. This visa will enable you to work or intern for six months at a company, so you could even  intern at two different companies during your year abroad. 


Now that you’ve learned some of the process for obtaining an internship in Australia, get out there and make it happen. There’s no better way to spend that free time after you finish school, or even to spend your summer vacation. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying your life down under and gaining once in a lifetime experiences, so apply today. 

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