International Schools & The Benefits That They Provide For Your Kids

As an expat or a citizen of Thailand, you might be tempted as the parent to enrol your child into the government school that is the closest to your home but this probably means that you’re not making the best decision for your kid. It’s great that the government provides educational opportunities for children all across the country but if you want the very best and you want to be able to create many doors of opportunity for your children then you really should be looking into the international schools that you can find in the capital city, Bangkok.

If you are looking for a Bangkok international school then you will not have far to search because there are many quality institutions dotted all around the capital city. These schools were created to help meet the demand of parents who wanted their children to have international experience and to learn many different subjects including languages. If you are a little bit on the fence when it comes to your child’s education and the whole thing seems a little bit confusing right now then the following are just some of the reasons why international school is the best choice every single time.

  • Highly qualified teachers – These international schools do not employ any teachers who wouldn’t be qualified in their own country of origin. This means that they have gone through the relevant training and they have the essential degree needed to be able to mould young minds. The teachers are given the freedom to develop and create their own lesson plans and you will find that your kids will become more engaged in the classroom. The classes themselves are smaller and so this means that your kid can get individual attention if there is something that they don’t understand.
  • So many extracurricular activities – International schools are not all about academics and they know and understand the importance of been able to offer students extracurricular activities to get their hearts pumping and the blood flowing. Children need to learn about competitiveness because this is what the real world is like and many of these international schools have swimming pools that the children can enjoy at least once a week.
  • They learn so many skills – Sending your child to an international school can allow them to learn many different skills that they wouldn’t otherwise get to know about.They will of course be taught academic skills as well as mental and social skills. They will also be able to make new friends for life who will go out into the international community and this is when these same contacts become invaluable.

They will also be exposed to the English-language, Chinese and of course the Thai language and so you can expect your kid to be trilingual when they graduate from these schools. The facilities are second to none including the science laboratories and your kids get to have hands-on experience in such things. It makes sense to send your child to international school.


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