Janet Lee Constantine – Get to Know Leon Russell’s Wife

If you have ever heard of Leon Russell, you must know his beautiful wife, Janet Lee Constantine, with whom he spent his last 39 years. Janet Lee and Russel were married in 19983, and although Janet was not Russell’s first wife, it seems this was the first marriage of Janet.

Janet Lee Constantine’s husband was a recognized American musician and songwriter, and his involvement in various records made him a legendary musician. Russel had one of the most successful music careers he engaged in for six decades, explaining why he produced some of the best-selling records.

 Janet Lee Constantine’s Husband

Leon Russell was the husband of Janet, and he was a known musician. Russell was involved in various genres, including Tulsa sound, blues rock, folk, surf, gospel, country music and many others. He was a folk of all genres, and it illustrated how he had great talent.

Russel was married before he met Janet, and when his first marriage, he took Janet down the aisle and held a beautiful wedding. Constantine’s husband was married to his first wife, Mary McCreary, and they got blessed with two kids a son and a daughter. Russell was in a previous relationship with Carla McHenry, and they had a daughter.

After Janet and Russell were married, they were blessed with three daughters, giving Constantine’s husband six children. Janet Lee Constantine’s daughters are named Sugaree Noel Bridges, Coco Bridges and Honey Bridges.

The Marriage of Janet Lee Constantine

Janet Lee Constantine and her husband Leon Russel married in the year 983. It is not clear how the two love birds met, but the beautiful ceremony was held in the presence of their close friends and family members.

Many sources indicate that Russell was married and had three children from different relationships, but the public knows not much information about his wife. This explains why there are no records of the date of birth of Janet or her parents. May people assume that she was never in a relationship before meeting the famous musician.

The Death of Janet Lee Constantine’s Husband

Russell and Constantine spent the rest of their lives together after marriage in 1983. Unfortunately, Russell’s health was not stable, and he had surgery in July 2016 due to a heart attack. He was recovering from the surgery when he died in his sleep on November 13, 2016, in his home in Nashville, Tennessee.

On November 8, 2016, his funeral was held in Victory Baptist Church, and his close family members were present to give the final send-off. Among the people who attended Russell’s final ceremony was Elton John, who acknowledged him as his greatest influencer piano player. Elton John indicated that when he listens to Russell’s albums, they make him cry. It was a sign that Russell had motivated many people with his music.

Janet Lee Constantine’s husband died at 74, leaving behind six children and his wife. The public still remembers him for his great music vibes that continue to live even if he is gone.

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