Everything You Need to Know About Hamish Linklater’s Father: Jim Cormeny

Jim Cormeny was the father of American actor Hamish Linklater who is known for portraying Andrew Keanelly in the sitcom The Crazy Ones and Matthew Kimble in the New Adventures of Old Christine series. Jim had his son Hamish with Kristin Linklater, a voice trainer who raised their son independently as a single mother.

Personal Life

Regarding his personal life, not much is available on the internet. However, he was romantically involved with Kristin Linklater, with who he had a son, but it is unclear what happened between them that led to their separation. It is unclear if he met someone else and remarried or if he just focused on his career.


Jim Cormeny was a writer and was involved in theatre and stage productions. He also worked in construction and the electrical sector but had more passion for theatre. He was often involved in reading, which inspired his writing career.

His Relationship with His Son

Jim Cormeny seems to have had a poor relationship with his son because he was absent while growing up. Hamish was raised by his mom while his father was missing; he never talked much about his father, but they were never close.

His Son

Jim Cormeny’s son began his acting career after completing his college education. He appeared in several stage productions before making his screen debut in 2000 when he appeared in the film Groove. His next role was as a CNN correspondent in the film Live from Baghdad. Hamish’s other early projects include Final Draft, The Sailor’s Girl, Fantastic Four, and The Violent Kind.

On television, Jim Cormeny’s son debuted in Gideon’s Crossing, where he portrayed Dr. Bruce Cherry. Hamish played Father Paul in the horror series Midnight Mass. Jim’s son also appeared in an episode of The Stand, Monsterland, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Ugly Betty, Pushing Dishes, Dragnet, and Happy Family.

Hamish made his Broadway debut in 2011 when he appeared in the play Seminar with actors Jerry O’Connell, Alan Rickman, and Lily Rabe. Jim’s son has appeared in several shows and is set to appear in more projects. He will appear as Abraham Lincoln in an upcoming miniseries called Manhunt.

In his personal life, Hamish Linklater married Jessica Goldberg in 2002; they were together for ten years and had a daughter. After their divorce, Jim’s son started dating Lily Rabe, with whom he appeared in a Broadway play; they have three children.

Net Worth and Social Media Presence of His Son

Jim Cormeny’s son has a net worth of approximately 4 million dollars. He has made wealth through his successful acting, which has spanned over 20 years. He has appeared in nearly 50 films and television shows and must have been paid well for his roles.

Hamish Linklater is active on social media, particularly Instagram, where he likes posting pictures and videos relating to his personal life.


Jim Cormeny died on January 5, 2014, aged 61. The cause of his death, as confirmed by his doctor, was pneumonia complications.

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