Who Is Kalyn Lanae’ Sloan

Anyone who knows the famous actor Renee Sloan must have heard about her daughter, Kalyn Lanae’ Sloan. If you are new to Kalyn Lanae Sloan or looking to understand a few details about her, especially her family, you are in the right place. Read on for more details.

Kalyn Lanae’ Sloan’s Early Life and Family

Kalyn is known all thanks to her parent’s fame. Kalyn was born in Augusts 1989, and her nationality is the United States of America. Kalyn is the daughter of the famous actor Renee Sloan, and her step-father is Scott Baio. Her biological father is Mitchell Robinson.

Kalyn Lanae has a half-sister, Bailey Baio, who was born in November 2007 shortly after her parents married. Moreover, her step-grandfather was Mario Baio, while her step-grandmother was Rose Baio.

Kalyn’s biological father remains less evident in her life, especially since her mother divorced him before she married Scott Baio in September 2007. Kalyn has enjoyed the warmth of her mother’s wealth and fame. Furthermore, her step-father is a well-known television director, actor, and producer.

All this fame surrounding her adds to her popularity. Besides, her parents are wealthy, which already tells us that she had a good life in terms of finances. We will talk more about Kalyn’s mother to understand who she is and how her popularity adds to that of Kalyn Lanae.

Who is Kalyn’s Mother?

Kalyn Lanae Sloan is the daughter of Renee Sloan. Her mother is a famous stuntwoman and an actor. Renee Sloan has been featured in various television shows and movies, with her famous one being the “Baywatch” soap opera aired in 1998.

Kalyn’s mother was born on December 1972. Her birthplace is Tennessee, and her nationality is the United States of America. Renee Sloan attained her degree from Lindon School of Economics and political science. Later, she attained her Masters in Business Administration from the same institute.

Regarding her career, Renee diverted from what she student for at school and decided to take on her acting passion. Her role as an actress in various films saw her skyrocket her career as an actress. She met Scott Baio, a famous director, actor, and producer, during her acting career. The two fell in love and got married in 2007. They even have a daughter, Bailey Baio.

Despite being married to a rich husband, Renee also enjoys the warmth of her massive net worth, estimated at $3.5 million. Her wealth is attributed to her acting career, especially the Baywatch series.

Renee was initially married, and it was during the first marriage that she got Kalyn Lanae Sloan. However, she divorced her first husband, whose most details remain hidden. Her marriage to Scott brought her happiness and helped boost her acting career and popularity.

However, the couple has had its ups and downs. Unfortunately, she lost one child as she was pregnant with twins. The child that survived is Bailey Baio. The couple currently lives in San Diego.

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