Facts On  Eduardo Santamarina’s Son: Jose Eduardo Santamarina Cantoral

Jose Eduardo Santamaria Cantoral is a celebrity son. He is known as the son of Mexican actors Itati Guadalupe Cantoral and Eduardo Santamarina. Jose Eduardo has a twin brother called Roberto Miguel. As of 2023, Jose Eduardo is 22 years old.

Educational Background

There is no information on Jose Eduardo’s education details, but judging from his age, he is probably done with his college education or maybe in his final year. However, he graduated from high school in 2019.

Personal Life and His Girlfriend

Jose Eduardo Santamarina often poses for family photos with his father, some of which you can view on his father’s official Instagram page. Jose has a good relationship with his father and likes spending time with him.

Jose Eduardo Santamarina Cantoral has not put information regarding his love life on the internet. However, he is not married, but he probably has a girlfriend.

Career and Net Worth

Jose Eduardo Santamarina Cantoral has not revealed what he does to earn a living; however, he might still be in school and has not started working. Additionally, he still lives with his parents, who can support him when he needs financial assistance.

Given Jose does not do something to earn a salary, his net worth is unknown; however, his father, who has been acting for thirty, has made wealth from his career, with his net worth estimated to be 5 million US dollars.

His Parents

Jose Eduardo’s parents met in 1999 and then dated for a while before getting married. After staying together in marriage for four years, they decided to call it. Their divorce was finalized in 2004, with each going on different paths. Jose’s mother met and started dating Carlos Alberto Cruz; they had one child but divorced in 2017.

Besides being an actress, Jose’s mother is also a singer, producer and dancer. As an actress, she is most known for her role in the telenovela Maria la del Barrio.

On the other hand, Jose’s father married actress Mayrin Villanueva in 2009, and they have been together since. Mayrin is known for appearing on soap operas, including Mentir para Vivir. The couple is blessed with one daughter, seems to be deeply in love, and often spends time together.

His Father’s Career

Jose Eduardo’s father studied acting at the Centro de Educacion Artistica in Mexico City before making his debut in 1992 in De Frente al sol, where he featured as Luis Enrique. Eduardo Santamarina has appeared in several telenovelas, mainly as a protagonist and some as an antagonist.

Jose Eduardo’s father has also been featured in Mexican films, including La Sombra del Sahuaro and Seguridad Nacional. Eduardo is still active in the film and entertainment industry and is set to appear in more television shows and films.

Social Media

Despite often showing up to events with his father, Jose Eduardo does not like the media attention. Additionally, no accounts related to him have been found on social media, but his father is active on Instagram and often posts pictures of his son.

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