Paul Mercer Ellington Relationships, Family, and More

Paul Mercer Ellington is the son of Mercer Ellington, an American musician. Paul is the bandleader and conductor of the Duke Ellington Orchestra and a well-known producer and songwriter. Although he was born and raised in Denmark, he frequently accompanied his father on trips abroad. Continue reading the article further to get insights into his career, family, educational background, and more.

Educational Qualifications of Paul Mercer Ellington

Before going on tour with The Duke Ellington Orchestra as its musical director in 1996, he studied music at the Manhattan School of Music for two years. He subsequently decided to attend film school, first for film production and then for screenwriting a year later. He has been enrolled as a student at the Vancouver Film School in Vancouver, British Columbia, for the past three years.

Paul’s Career as a Musician

Paul is a developing filmmaker and pianist, and band director. He is now working on a screenplay about the relationship between his grandfather, Duke Ellington, and Billy Strayhorn, who was Ellington’s musical alter ego. The “Duke Ellington-Billy Strayhorn Story” will be the screenplay’s title. He leads the Duke Ellington Orchestra despite being away from New York while pursuing his studies in Vancouver. The young Ellington is very proud of his 15-piece band. The band performs both Paul’s songs and those by his grandfather, Duke Ellington.

Net Worth of Paul Mercer Ellington

We don’t know the net worth of Paul Mercer Ellington since he never disclosed it. However, his father, one of the wealthiest and most well-known composers, Mercer Ellington, has a net worth of $5 million, according to our research and sources.

Relationship Status of Paul Mercer Ellington

We don’t know whether Paul Mercer Ellington is committed or single because he never disclosed his personal information. He is very secretive about his love life and is currently more focused on his career. If we get to know anything about his girlfriend, we’ll update it soon.

Family History of Paul Mercer Ellington

Paul Mercer is the son of a famous American musician, composer, and arranger, Mercer Ellington. His mother, Lene Margrethe Scheid, was his father’s third wife. She died on 12 January 2006 at 57 in New York. Paul has three stepsiblings from his father’s other marriages. His stepsister, Mercedes Ellington, is a tap dancer, choreographer, director, and producer for Broadway and television who has continued and expanded her grandfather Duke Ellington’s musical lineage.

Paul’s stepbrother, Edward Kennedy Ellington ll, manages the Ellington Legacy Band, a lively group whose primary goal is to uplift great musicians. Paul Mercer Ellington’s grandfather was the famous American jazz pianist Duke Ellington. His grandmother, Edna Thompson was not a famous personality; she only gained recognition as the wife of Duke Ellington. Paul is the great-grandson of Daisy Kennedy Ellington, a pianist who sometimes worked as a maid. His great-grandfather, James Edward Ellington, was a butler, driver, caretaker, and handyman.

Closing Words

Paul Mercer Ellington belongs to a wealthy family and is continuing his father and grandfather’s legacy. He has already made a name for himself, and we’re pretty sure that he will be a prominent figure in the future, just like his grandfather.


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