Kennedy DeBarge – Family and Drug Addiction

Kennedy DeBarge is the daughter of El DeBarge, an American singer, and songwriter. Her mother is Monica DeBarge, and she has four siblings: Tenan DeBarge, Bobbie DeBarge, Jordan DeBarge, and Zach DeBarge.

Kennedy DeBarge’s Father

Kennedy DeBarge’s father was a lead singer in The DeBarge’s, a family music group known for songs such as; Time Will Reveal, Stay with Me, I Like It, A Dream, and Share My World, among many others.

In his early life, Kennedy DeBarge’s father had a passion for music and even used to sing in church choirs. El DeBarge had a close relationship with his brother while growing up and imitated his vocal style. He spent several years with a private music educator and later expressed a desire to become a music performer.

El DeBarge started performing music in clubs with his elder brothers after dropping out of high school. Kennedy DeBarge’s father and the DeBarge’s music group members were signed by Berry Gordy, Motown CEO, after performing at Piano and Sing and went on to work together in songwriting and productions

In his career, Kennedy DeBarge’s father has released most songs with his band, The DeBarges, and as a solo artist and has collaborated with several artists such as Quincy Jones and DJ Quik.

El DeBarge has been nominated five times for the Grammy Awards.

El DeBarge’s Drug Addiction

Kennedy DeBarge’s father’s addiction began when he received a prescription for toothache pain. His crack and heroin addiction wasted his 22 years and faltered his music career, having spent some time in prison.

He was arrested in 2001 for cocaine possession and in 2006 for possession of a controlled substance but was given probation for both arrests. Kennedy DeBarge’s father’s addiction resulted in domestic disputes for which he was arrested and held without bail but was later released as the charges were dropped.

El DeBarge was arrested several times due to possession of drugs and was mostly released on probation, but in 2008 he was arrested for possession of paraphernalia and crack; he had broken the terms of his probation, and for that, he was sentenced to two years in prison.

Life after Drug Addiction

Kennedy DeBarge’s father almost backslid to drugs, but it was thanks to 50-Cent and BabyFace that he didn’t. El DeBarge’s time in prison helped him get his willpower back, and it made him realize who he is; after his release, He joins alcohol treatment centers massachusetts to recover from his addiction.he started performing music again, releasing a title track on Second Chance speaking of his redemption.

He also released another single, Joyful, which meant he was joyful with his life again. He is currently free of drug addiction.

Net Worth and Social Media

Despite Kennedy DeBarge’s love for music, she has not ventured into it as a career and has not revealed to the public what she does for a living. Her current net worth is unknown, but her father’s net worth is approximately 400 thousand dollars.

Kennedy DeBarge is active on social media platforms. She joined Twitter in 2013, uses the username @kennedydebarge1, has 284 followers, and follows 324. She also has a private Instagram account.

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