Language Localization: Adapting Your Content for Different Markets

We all accept that English is the international language being spoken, recognized and accepted all over the world. Even if you go to Russia, you can find people speaking in English and learning English just because it’s easy to learn and speak as compared to other languages. But how do you market your products to people who cannot understand English or your specific language? 

Are you marketing in Chinese and targeting English People? Or are you marketing in Urdu and targeting Chinese? 

Well, those educated people might learn about your products and services. 

But what about the rest of the world, which needs to be addressed in their local language? 

That’s why we learn language localization to adapt our content to different markets. Stick with me till the end, and I will share the importance of language localization.

Top Benefits Of Adapting Your Content For Different Markets

Learning and speaking in the native language of the country you are targeting gives high success to your business. 

Try to grab the importance of language localization by learning from those giant social media stores. 

That’s because when you can adapt your content with respect to the local language of a certain area, country or region, you can enjoy multiple benefits to your business. 

Please take a look at some of the best benefits of language localization.

Spread Your Message More Clearly

A specific language has specific emotions and feelings in it. Whether it’s English-to-English communication or Persian-to-Persian, people can grab those feelings and emotions more than they would grab from other languages. 

Therefore, speaking about your products and services in the local language of the targeted international market will help you spread your message more clearly. 

You can talk to your audience and tell them your story in their language. They are more willing to share your content with their loved ones. 

Educate your targeted market with helpful infographics, video content and images in their local language so that they should better know what you are talking about. 

It’s always easier to influence people in their local language than any other language.

Grow Your Social Media Store Fan Following

When people find you related, they are more interested in knowing other products and services you keep on the shelf. By this, they can visit your store and follow it. 

It helps you grow multiple followers on your Instagram Store or TikTok Marketplace store. 

Speaking and delivering your marketing campaigns in any international language according to their norms and culture helps you boost your audience in that specific region.

Higher Brand Awareness

People don’t like to bother reading if something is written in an advertising campaign in any other language. 

This is exactly like people not giving a damn about a description of the products that come straight from China to America. There is no significant brand identity, and people cannot grab much if there is no English as a second language. 

This way, there is no brand awareness of your social media store. However, to spread some, consider producing and printing product descriptions in the local language market; people will be more aware of your products, services or about your brand.

Increase In Conversions

All social media stores should believe that when a customer cannot grab the chemistry and benefits of your product, he will not be willing to make a conversion. 

So, instead of marketing in your own language, consider the language of that specific region. 

You can take the help of famous celebrities and influencers in that region to create local language-based marketing campaigns. 

Take the example of KFC and McDonald’s. These two brands market their products either in English or in the local language where they are operating. 

While Googling, you will see many ads of KFC created in Urdu if KFC is operating in Pakistan just like it is doing in Dubai, UK, or America. 

This is a good practice to enhance conversions as customers feel more informed through the video and audio content created in their specific language!

How Can We Adapt Language Localization For Marketing Our Store Content?

Since there are many benefits of advertising and spreading content in the local language, how can you follow this? Fairly simple. 

Here are some of the best ways to follow language localization for brands that want to play internationally.

Step 1. Know About Their National Language

When you have targeted a country to offer your products, know their national language. For example, people speak the Persian language in Germany and its surrounding suburbs. And people speak Hindi in India. 


This helps you find where to spread your message in which language.

Step 2. Use Translators or Interpreters

After finding the language you need to modify your content in, find interpreters or translators who can produce valuable content for your marketing campaigns. 

You can use humans or translators such as Google Translator to compose and publish language-specific content. 

However, hiring natives for your marketing campaigns will help you have a higher impact on your audience.

Step 3. Spread Video and Audio Content More than Text Content

Video and Audio content can even help those customers who know about your brand, product or service who are illiterate. 

Therefore, instead of posting straight text images and other forms of descriptions, consider posting in Visual and Auditory content. 

It can spread your message to almost all people in an international nation.

Final Words:

There is no doubt that Language localization helps our social media brands be accepted worldwide. We not only grab our user’s attention, but we generate more sales. So, it will be a good addition to your social media store business if you are going to operate or adapt your content styles according to specific local language styles!



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