Cultural Sensitivity in Social Media Store Marketing for International Audiences

Does your social media store operate globally? Or are you willing to spread more of its branches across various types of nations or people? Not a problem if you have an idea like that. Just because you haven’t tried marketing your products or services to the International Audiences, understanding their cultural sensitivity will help you boost your social media sales. Companies that tackle international audiences do comprehensive research to understand such audiences. 

They bring into practice several things to inspire such an audience and serve them with their most demanded products. 

This article will explain how cultural sensitivity matters in Social Media Store marketing for International Audiences. Please take a look!

Is There a Role of Culture In Promoting Your Social Media Products to International Audience?

Of course, it’s entirely crucial to understand what people would like to eat, wear and use in their daily routine according to their specific cultural differences. 

Your business marketing strategy working for one culture might not work the same for another culture. 

People perceive products and services according to their cultural norms. For example, people who wear clothes in London usually wear shorts and tops. 

But if they visit a different culture, such as the culture of Pakistan or Arab Countries, they would see people wearing full clothes because that’s their culture and religious embodiment. 

Therefore, understanding the cultural differences and sensitivity of the international audience is of huge importance before you start setting up some marketing strategies over there. 

It’s good to do comprehensive research and live in that culture before you bring your offerings.

How Social Media Stores Can Understand the Cultural Sensitivity of International Audiences?

As far as understanding the cultural sensitivity of different people across the world is concerned, there are many practices that brands can follow. 

However, to help you with some efforts, here are some key practices you can apply to build and implement a strong social media marketing strategy for an international audience. 

Please take a look!

Do Online/In Person Surveys

It’s important for social media store brands to conduct in-person and online surveys in their targeted international audience. 

This will help your social media store find how people will take your products and how motivated they are to make an offer. 

You can learn about their taste, find out what they have been missing and how you can deliver. 

Conducting comprehensive surveys will also be helpful for your social media stores in finding whether your offering will be a long-term success or not! 

Do this to that targeted country and learn more about your customers in no time!

Learn About Gender Stereotyping

What might work for men might not work for women, and vice versa. Your social media store needs to learn about gender specification. 

It has to put into practice comprehensive strategies that can learn the men’s and women’s intent for their specific products or services. 


You can target women if your products belong to this gender niche. Similarly, your social media store can bring products for men if they are your specific target.

Find Out What Works for a Specific Region

Do not start your operations by getting enough information from one region across all the regions. That’s because the demographics also work differently. 

What people might be willing to purchase in the UK might not be willing to purchase in the USA. 

That’s the same for realizing your study across various regions. You can always start small and then think on a bigger level whether your product marketing will be a success or a failure.

Consider Giving Free Samples and Gifts

In order to learn the culture of your targeted international audience, give samples of your products to people for free. 

Let them try those products personally and then ask for their reviews. This can help you find out whether you should launch your product in a specific country or not. 

This practice is great to engage with your international audience and comprehensively offer what they are looking for.

Follow Their Traditions and Holidays

Different nations across the globe have different holidays, events and other things to celebrate. 

You can narrow down the offerings of your social media store according to what they will be looking for at those specific events. 

For example, selling fireworks works the best when it’s Holly in India and bringing Christmas trees to the town after targeting its needs is best during the New Year holidays. 

This is how you can target an international audience and make your social media store marketing a success. 

Not only will this grow your social media store followers, but it will also spread brand awareness among other people.


Playing in an international market isn’t an easy thing to do, especially for small and mid-sized social media stores. You have to be a giant in the market, like Nestle or KFC, in order to sell products or services worldwide. This requires educating your customers on the best deals. It also requires finding their interest, and you also need to figure out how the international market is changing from time to time. Staying consistent with only a few practices might not work and bring any better results from the international audience. Therefore, learn their culture fully before you want to strike!



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